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What Is the Best Size For Campaign Buttons? - Button Making Questions, Ask ABM

What Is the Best Size For Campaign Buttons

What is the best size for a campaign button?  You want your button to be noticed so everyone will know about your candidate, right?  It's important to choose a button size that is big enough to be seen but not so big they become awkward for the people that want to wear them. 

It's tempting to get the biggest button possible but that actually might not be the Campaign Buttonsbest way to get your message out.  As the size of the button goes up so does the cost and weight of the buttons.  In addition to the cost, if you give a woman in a nice blouse a six inch button she is not going to pin it to her shirt because of the weight on her shirt and possible damage.  So even though a six inch button would be noticeable, it might not be noticed at all if no one wants to wear it.  A much better choice would be something in the range between 2.25”3.5” with the most popular size for campaigns being our 3" button.  They are visible from a distance with a lot of room for your message but not so heavy that they will change the fit of your clothing! 

Once you’ve decided on the right size to spread the word, don’t forget about all of the other great items to help get your message out.  There’s bottle openers, mirrors, magnets and key chains.  We even offer digital downloads with graphics to help you create the perfect button!  

We help you maximize your time by making it super easy to get started.  We offer complete campaign button making kits that include everything you need to get Campaign Button Making Kitstarted right out of the box!  You get the button making machine, graphic punch paper cutter and your choice of quantity of pinback buttons all with free shipping included!  In addition, you will also receive four digital downloads to help you create and design your button, including Political Designs that is packed with ready to use images to make your candidate stand out!  You even get 3 months of our feature packed button making software, Build-a-Button.  The best part?  We offer live, US based customer support to answer your call as well as chat and email support.  Team ABM is here to help you Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST.  Outside of business hours we offer The Pinback Button Making Community with almost 2000 of the best and brightest members who are always happy to lend a hand!  

The Pinback Button Making Community

Don’t forget, the icing on the cake is great bragging points for your candidate that you are supporting an American small business and all of our products are American made!  We hope to see in the group soon but until then, happy button making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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Our club is thrilled to have found American Buttons – the buttons are perfect, the service is awesome and we will continue to order your buttons. In fact I have an order ready to send to you this next week.

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