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Button Making Questions - Ask ABM, How Do I Fix My Graphic Punch Handle?

Button Making Questions Answered, Ask ABM

When I pull the handle of my graphic punch, it doesn't do anything.  What do I do?  Here at ABM we get that exact question and our Customer Solutions Team is happy to come to the rescue.

Please click the following link for instructions on how to un-jam a punch cutter.

jammed broken punch cutter

If the handle gets bumped it could knock it out of place. It may seem like your punch cutter is jammed but it could just be a slipped handle.  If you can not feed paper into the slot or you can see daylight on one side but not the other then try turning & pulling the handle slowly until it pops into place. That's all there is to it!

To keep your graphic punch in tip top condition, a little basic maintenance fromPunch Cutter Care and Maintenance time to time will do the trick.  We show you how in our easy to follow instructional video, Punch Cutter Lubrication and Maintenance.

For solutions to questions like this and all of your button making mysteries, reach out to the ABM Customer Solutions Team.  We are always ready to help you achieve button-y greatness!  You can also join us in The Pinback Button Making Community where you can get ideas, join in fun, exclusive contests and make new friends   Hope to see you there but until then, happy button making!


The Pinback Button Making Community


- Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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