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How to Make a Pinback Button

How to make a button with a button maker

how to make a pinback button


There are only 5 things you need to make pinback buttons:

1. Pinback Button Making Machine 

2. Circle Cutter

3. Pinback Button Making Supplies

4. Button Making Software

5. Regular Printer Paper  

Making Pinback buttons is easy!

1. Simply design your buttons by hand or on a computer. You can also make buttons from graphics cut from printed material like books, photos and magazines.

2. Cut out your graphics using one of our paper cutters.

3. Place the button supplies (shell, back, graphic and mylar into their appropriate dies.

Pull the handle twice and your done! We have put together complete button making kits with everything you need to get started.  

How To Make a Pinback Button


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How To Use a Punch Cutter



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Button Machine Step-By-Step Picture Tutorial

What makes our button machines so great?

  • Cushioned hand grip
  • All metal construction
  • Industry Standard Size
  • "Zero scrap loss" engineering
  • Swivel die set increases speed
  • No changing of dies between steps
  • Made in America with American steel
  • Super fast two-step button making process
  • "Swivel die stop" ensures upper and lower die alignment
  • Compact, lightweight machine for easy storage and transport
  • Positive full stroke button press verification (No half-made buttons)
  • Cam-on-roller design requires very little physical force to operate


Punch Cutter Step-By-Step Picture Tutorial


What makes American Button Machine's punch cutters so great?

  • Our punch cutter requires very little physical force to operate
  • Large center hole gives a clear view for easily centering the cut
  • All metal construction means there are no plastic parts to break
  • Entire circumference of the paper circle is punched at once for speed and accuracy
  • Compact & lightweight, our punch cutters include our lifetime warranty against defects!

Button Making Software

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