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How to Make a Button

Whether you’re contemplating making buttons, or, are simply curious about what is involved, you’ve made it to the right place. We’ve gathered the most commonly asked button making questions, guides, information and tips in one place. The easy to navigate format will make your foray into button making as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


5 Steps to Make a Button:

1. Insert shell, graphic and mylar into shallow die of button maker 
2. Swivel base and pull handle down 
3. Insert pinback into button maker’s deeper die 
4. Swivel base again and pull handle down 
5. Remove finished button! 


How To Make a Button - Video




how to pick a button maker size


Buttons come in lots of shapes, options and sizes. Choosing the right one (or 2 or 3) can be challenging when you are at the beginning of your button making journey. ABM offers advice and gives insight on the most popular choices and unique options available to make it an easy process to choose the right size button!
how to make a pinback button


Making buttons is easy. Really! To give you a head start we've compiled a list of things you might not know that you didn't know, or think to ask. We promise, reading these few guidelines before you get started will save you time and get your started on the right track!
button maker best price guarantee


We guarantee to MEET OR BEAT any competitor’s advertised price on the same button equipment or button supplies PLUS your purchase is backed by our lifetime warranty against defects on all our pinback button machines!
online button making group


The Pinback Button Making Community is designed to be a fun, supportive and family friendly environment where everyone can feel free and safe to share ideas and ask questions. We want everyone who joins to come here, enjoy the amazingly creative projects, help your fellow button friends and go about your day with a smile!
save money with button making kits


Our main focus is to provide everything needed to get you started making buttons quickly, easily, with minimal investment. ABM designed our all-inclusive money saving Button Making Kits to get you going right out of the gate at an affordable price. You'll find something to fit any budget and yet include everything you need, backed by our Best Price Guarantee.

button making software

Button Maker Software

Button designs can be made by using popular graphic software programs such as Photoshop or Corel Draw. However they can have a long learning curve. Creating your button design should be fun and, most of all, easy! ABM's exclusive Build-a-Button™ online design center accomplishes all that, while still including the most powerful features needed for designing any button.


Shopping at American Button Machines pays you back! Earn 2% Rewards on every order completed on the website. It’s just another way for us here at American Button Machines to say “Thank You” to our wonderful customers and show our appreciation for your purchases.

Free Button Making Templates

ABM provides free button making templates for several of the most popular software programs in the graphic design industry.

Video Library

The story of button making told in video. Here you’ll find videos for everything from how to make a button, to Build-a-Button software tutorials, to using circle cutters, to creating interchangeable magnetic button jewelry.
the button blog by american button machines


Our Button Blog covers a wide range of button-y topics. This is where you'll find new product announcements, how-to info, promo codes, button making tips and info on our newest program - Buttons For Change™.
multi sized flexible button makers interchangeable die button machine


If you've been doing research prior to making a purchase you've most likely found some cheap multi-size button makers online. The problem with those cheap button machines is they are not made here in the U.S.A. Read an in-depth analysis to learn more about button machines made in China and the problems you may encounter trying to use them.
button making tips do's and dont's

Do's and Don'ts of Button Making

Quick tips on how to get started making buttons

button university - learn how to make a button

Button University

What the heck is Button University?! BU is yet another avenue for learning about the wonderful world of buttons. Click the links, read the material and then take the final exam to earn a button making degree.
button faq's - Your button questions answered


Button making is easy to learn! There are many choices and options and if just getting started, you probably have several questions. Here are some quick answers to the most commonly asked questions.

how to make fabric covered buttons


If you are contemplating a foray into fabric buttons, we've compiled a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about making fabric buttons. Here we discuss fabric choices, embroidery and why calibration is so important for a fabric button machine.
Our Story - American Button Machines


We are on a mission to help as many people as possible reach their audience to spread their unique message to Change the World, One Button at a Time. Our enduring story, woven into yours, is very, very true and very, very simple:


american button machines coupon promo codes


Coupons and Promo Codes

buttons for change fundraising campaign for schools and non-profits by american button machines


Our Buttons for Change™ mission is to be a super conduit of funds for both humanity and the animal kingdom, helping to raise awareness and much needed funds for their special causes. Our goal is to assist schools and non-profit organizations to become self-sustaining so they can reach their goals more quickly and easily, with a bit of style. Our vision is to help Change the World, One Button at a Time.


Button Maker Kits from ABM are complete button making systems in a box. The main distinction between the kits are the type of circle cutter, quantity of pinback button sets and the design CDs that are included. Our goal is to make sure our consumers have everything needed to start making buttons at an affordable price, backed by our Best Price Guarantee.

What is the best paper to use for making buttons?

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