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Punch Cutter Tutorial

How to Use a Button Making Punch Cutter

Follow the instructions below to learn how to use our Punch Cutters:

how to use a punch paper cutter


1. Insert the paper strip into the punch cutter and center the graphic in the hole.

2. Push the handle down until the punch goes all the way through the paper.

3. Remove the cut graphic and place to the side.

4. Pull the paper strip through, center the next graphic, and repeat steps 2 and 3. 

punch cutter tutorial

Please Note: No special paper is required to make a pinback button. Simply cut regular printer paper into strips.


How to use a button making punch cutter - Video Tutorial

What makes our punch cutters so great?

1. The all metal construction means there are no plastic parts to break.

2. The entire circumference of the paper circle is punched at once for speed and accuracy.

3. The large center hole gives a clear view for easily centering the cut.

4. Our punch cutter requires very little physical force to operate.

5. Compact & lightweight, our punch cutters include our lifetime warranty against defects!

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