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Badge Reels and Buttons

With a badge reel from American Button Machines, you can make your very own monogrammed badge reels and custom retractable ID badge reels! Badge Reels are made from durable plastic and can be customized in many ways:
  • A badge reel is a small device with a retractable cord that attaches to a security or ID badge.
  • Badge reels are typically worn on a shirt pocket, collar, or belt and hold your badge so you never misplace it.
  • The retractable cord allows for quick and convenient display of id cards as well as for card swiping security systems and door locks.

buttons on badge reels

Scroll down for more information about custom retractable monogrammed badge reels or use the links below to jump to our storefront for information about the various sizes of badge reel packages we offer:

There are several different types of retractable badge reels that you can make: Monogrammed Badge Reel: Stitch initials or a logo onto a fabric covered button. Custom ID Badge Reel: Print names, initials, graphics, or pictures onto a flat back button. Our retractable badge reels are great for making monogrammed badge reels or custom ID badges as described above. The cord extends to 24" and our badge reels work with 3/4" fabric buttons, 1" metal flat backs, 1" medallions, 1" fabric buttons and 1.25” flat back buttons. Simply take a finished fabric button button and glue it to the badge reel for a customized monogrammed badge reel.

Custom ID badge reels and monogrammed badge reels are great for hospital employees or anyone who has to frequently use their ID badge and wants to add a little personal flair to their day. In addition, you can also make custom label badge reels, which do not require the use of a button machine! Just print out your design or words on a 3/4" sticky label and apply to the inner circle area of the badge reel. Labels are great for identifying yourself with a particular company, university or trade group at a trade show.

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