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16 reasons why not to buy a multi-sized button maker

multi sized button maker


16 reasons why not to buy a multi-sized button maker

  1. Made in China
  2. Cheap knock offs
  3. Poor design precision
  4. Safety and usability issues
  5. 30-day (or less) warranty period
  6. Replacement parts not available
  7. Not USA Industry Standard size
  8. Measured in mm not inches
  9. Button supplies hard to find
  10. High center of gravity
  11. No USA based tech support
  12. Removable button dies not secure
  13. No adjustability for different materials
  14. No savings over multiple button maker sizes
  15. 3 button makers are better than 1 (see video)
  16. Friends make button making better (see video)


When you're looking for a button maker, you might wonder why some button machines, such as those made in China are so much cheaper than others. As is often the case, a lower initial price may not tell the whole story.


Button Makers made in China are called by different names, all over the world, but they're all the same:

  • Multi-maker button machine
  • Multi-size button maker
  • Flexible button machine
  • Interchangeable die button maker
  • Badge-a-Minit 3-in-1 button maker
  • Amazing button maker
  • Idea Maker


Here at American Button Machines we are sometimes asked whether we have a single button maker that can make buttons in different sizes. We do not offer such a machine, and there are several very good reasons why.



How to identify a Chinese Button Maker

flexible button maker amazing button maker sizes interchangeable die button maker

Multi-sized button maker - Video

Below is a video that shows how cumbersome a button maker with interchangeable dies can be to make a button. The sliding die design is not very smooth and notice how much force is needed to press the button together. The back of the button machine even raises off of the table which is not a very friendly design. 

Not-so-subtle hint: Support the home team...Buy American!

multi button maker kit



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