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The Mystical, Magical Eraser Tool

The Mystical, Magical Eraser Tool

So, you’ve FINALLY found that perfect puppy image that is going to launch your button from blah to AMAZING!  The only problem?  There’s a roll of toilet paper soiling the whole vibe. Fear not!  Our Build-A-Button design software has a feature called “Eraser” that can extract any portion of an image from the whole.  In this case, I would like to extract the puppy from the image leaving the toilet paper roll and the background behind. Let’s take a look and see how this is done. Load ‘er up! First, I’m going to upload the image into Build-A-Button by clicking...

How to Solve Crimping Issues

How to Solve Crimping Issues

Crimping Issues 101 Are crimping issues making your buttons ugly? Do you have bubbles under the Mylar? Or, is the Mylar pulling away from the edge of the button? Well, today you will learn what causes and, more importantly, how to solve these particular crimping issues. As I mentioned earlier regarding printing buttons using a laser printer, I have for you not one but two ingenious solutions. That’s right. I said two solutions to one problem. At ABM we’re all about choices. When printing graphics from a laser printer you’ll need to be aware this may lead to some crimping...

What can I make with a 1” Button Maker?

ABM’s A to Z guide for using our 1” Button Maker Continuing on a recent theme - What can I make with a button maker? - Today I share with you some of the many possible uses for a 1” button maker. Here is our A to Z guide of 1" mini buttons: • A Magnetic Pendant – or several Magneta Snap Interchangeable Pendant  • Badge Reels • Board Game Tokens • Bobby Pins • Bracelets   Button Bracelets             • Earrings • Fabric Buttons • Key Chains Snap Hook Key Ring      ...

What can I make with a button maker?

What can I make with a button maker? It’s a simple question, really.  And the answer is simple, too. Just about anything you want. Versaback Key Chain Magnetic Jewelry, Flashing Buttons, Christmas Ornaments, Key Chains, Earrings, Bottle Openers. The list goes on. There are so many choices it can be a bit overwhelming. Which is exactly the reason we put together this clever button chart. Use it to see what else you can make with the button maker you already own. Or, see which products pique your interest so you know what size badge maker to buy next. Professional buttons...

Keys to a successful Button Business Part 4

Keys to a successful Button Business Welcome to part 4 of ABM's How to Start a Button Business. Novelty buttons have been around in one form or another for decades. Smokey the Bear 1934 - 1935 NC Hunting License Kiki Cuyler Pinback from Cracker Jack box Their enduring popularity makes them an ideal home business opportunity. In Part 4 we're going to answer the all important question: What are the keys to a successful button business? Buttons offer the perfect business for entrepreneurial minded individuals or anyone looking to generate extra income. The small investment for a button making system...



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