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Button Making Ideas from ABM - Make Money On the Mid-Terms!

Button Making Ideas From ABM

Campaign buttons are a staple of the button making business and every couple of years the opportunity rolls around to not only help get the message out there to vote but to make money doing it!  That's right, it's your time to shine and make some money from the Mid-Term mania!

We all have candidates in our communities that could benefit from a little name promotion to help with recognition on the ballot.  Maybe they just want to be sure you know what they stand for when you enter the voting booth.  Yard signs and billboards are great but nothing beats the opportunities provided by having walking billboards all over town ready to sing your praises to anyone who strikes up a conversation and as we all know, buttons make great conversation starters!

Start by reaching out to your local chapters of the various parties and then continue the fun by hitting up the individual candidates in your area.  Use the fact that these are locally made buttons and they will be supporting a true small, local business that uses American made supplies by ordering from you instead of some unknown warehouse on the internet.  Maybe drop off a sample or two so they can see how amazing you really are!

So now you know how to make the money, but what size should you make?  Where do you start with your designs?  Don't worry, the ABM Customer Solutions Team has you covered!  

Size definitely matters when it comes to choosing a campaign button size.  This is not a job for those adorable 1.25" buttons you love to make.  You want these recognizable and legible but not so overwhelming they won't be worn.  2.25" - 3.5" is the perfect size range.  We have a great article in our Ask ABM series that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about campaign button sizes, and then some, called What Is the Best Size For Campaign Buttons?

Once you know what size you want to make, you have to work on the designs.  This is where it can get tricky but once again, ABM's Customer Solutions Team Editable Campaign Designshas your back!  ABM has 20 different awesome, editable campaign designs just waiting for you to customize and make them your own.  All you do is change the text to fit your needs and drop in the appropriate picture.  Best of all, we give you 3 days with Build-a-Button so you can perfect your button with ease!  For more information, be sure and check out our article right here in the Button Blog, How Do I Make a Campaign Button?

For more fun, tips, tricks and a chance to hang out with some fellow button fanatics join us in The Pinback Button Making Community!  Hope to see you there but until then, happy button making!

The Pinback Button Making Community
- by Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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We do not offer a bundle pack of the editable campaign designs at this time but if you contact our office, we will be happy to work out a promo pack for you. We are always happy to help!

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Do you have a bundle for the campaign buttons?

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