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How Do I Make a Campaign Button - Button Making Questions, Ask ABM

Button Making Questions Answered, Ask ABM

How can I make a campaign button?  If you aren't a graphic artist but you still have a great message you want to share, Editable Campaign Button Designs from ABM are the answer! 

Editable Campaign Button Design

We have done all of the basics for you in design and layout so you simply change the preset text to your very own message and insert a photo in the designated layer.  Making the perfect button has never been easier! 

Our all new downloadable designs are provided as a .txt file to be used in our upgraded button making wonder, Build-a-Button 6.0!  Even if you aren't a current subscriber to BAB you can take advantage of these amazingly easy to use designs.  When you purchase any of the 20 downloadable files, you will also receive 3 days of Build-a-Button to perfect your creation.  You're getting 2 amazing products for 1 low price! 

Build-a-Button 6.0 even includes a mock-up feature that allows you to make aEditable Campaign Button Download professional quality mock-up of your button in the various ABM products so you can showcase them online for fundraising.  How much easier can it be? Don't forget, if you just want to make a fun button we also offer a collection of Ready to Print designs with over 200+ options available and more being added daily.  Our Ready to Print collection is provided as a pdf file with all of the standard sizes from 1" - 3.5" included.  We hope you enjoy this all new, exclusive product line from ABM and until next time, happy button making!  

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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