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Button Making Ideas From ABM - What Can I Use a Neo Magnet For?

Button Making Ideas by ABM

What can I use a neodymium (neo) magnet for?  How can I up my button game with these magical little magnets?  MagTags are super strong neodymium magnets that despite their compact size pack a hugely powerful punch that makes them perfect for tons of applications.  You can turn every day items into interchangeable, button-tastic treasures quickly and easily and ABM is here with great ideas to help get the creative ball rolling!

Thumb Tack With Magnet

First up, who doesn't love to add a personal touch with things that make you smile around your office or workspace?  Not a lot of room to set out your favorite pictures?  Put them on a thumbtack!  Even better, how about a thumbtack you can change the picture on every day to keep fresh smiles coming?  Just stick a MagTag to the adhesive pad on the thumbtack post and embellish with any flatback or collet back button from 1" - 1.5".  It's just that easy!

Having trouble finding the perfect pair of earrings to match that new blouse?  Never fear, ABM is here!  Using the earring post, mount a MagTag to the adhesive pad and you have endless possibilities for your jewelry collection!  If you can print it, you can make it into your very own, one-of-a-kind, perfectly matched and perfectly versatile pair of earrings!  Team it up with an ABM Magneta Snap Pendant for a complete ensemble that you can change every day to match your mood!

Having identification handy is a necessary part of every day life so having a Interchangeable Badge Reelstylish, fun way to keep it easily accessible has become almost a requirement for many of us and what makes that task easier or more stylish than a badge reel?  A customized, interchangeable badge reel of course!  But how can you make a standard badge reel interchangeable?  Add a MagTag!  Peel the adhesive backing from the back of the metal disk and attach it to the front of the badge reel.  Next, using a flatback button, press the magnet itself into the inside of the flatback making sure the flat side of the magnet faces the back of the button.  Voila!  Instantly interchangeable! 

Speaking of flatbacks, the MagTag easily fits inside of a flatback button to instantly create a perfectly polished, super strong magnet worthy of hanging even the most precious of refrigerator art pieces.


If you need to wear a button or badge but just can't bring yourself to puncture a hole in your favorite shirt, the MagTag is the perfect solution there, too!  Even with the pin in the button, you can still proudly display your badge without making any holes by tucking a MagTag in behind your button.

Whew!  There is just no end to the possibilities.  With this much versatility, the only limitation is your imagination!  These mighty magnets are truly the must have accessory for all of your button making projects.

Come share your ideas in The Pinback Button Making Community where you will find almost 4,000 of the best and brightest in the button making business.  Get tips, join in exclusive contests and make new friends.  Hope to see you there but until then, happy button making! 

The Pinback Button Making Community

- by Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM



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