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1" Magneta-Snap Keyring

Hey Button Makers… for a couple of years now we’ve offered Magneta-Snap Pendants on our website and sales have been fantastic. Did you know you can also make a key chain from this same pendant? I kid you not – a key chain! The bail is large enough to work with both split key rings, snap hook key rings and C-Hook key rings. Both look great with one of these versatile pendants attached.     Who says you have to use the key chain for your keys? Do you have a handbag that needs some added spice? Snap the key chain on the strap...

5 Things To Know About Peel & Stick Magnets

Hey Button makers. Earlier this month I dedicated and entire post to 5 Things to know about Ceramic Magnets. Anybody remember? Of course you do – I knew you would! What better way to wrap up our March Magnets Series than to share “5 Things to know about Peel & Stick Magnets”? 1. Our Peel & Stick Magnets are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit most any need – as small as 1” all the way to 3.5”. Great for posting a picture of your little soccer star or favorite band on the refrigerator. 2. 1” magnet...

Special Announcement: Wholesale Pricing For Distributors

We are now offering wholesale pricing in the form of additional price breaks at 50 and 100 piece quantities.

How To Make Interchangeable Magnetic Jewelry With 1" Buttons

In this post, we are going to present all of our Magneta-Snaps™ and Clix™ tutorial videos in one place along with written instructions so that everyone will know how to make interchangeable magnetic jewelry with 1" buttons and see how simple the process is.

How To Properly Use Magnets With Magneta-Snap™ Pendants - Clarification, Explanation, and Video

Among the few issues that a handful of folks seem to be having concerns magnets, specifically an inability to remove magnets from the pendants. We are writing this post to quickly clear this issue up for anyone who has experienced it.


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