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Mask Tags - Make a Statement, Stay Safe

Masks have become a part of our daily lives and if you're like most who wear Mask Tagthem daily, you are probably amassing quite a collection in the search for something that passes for cute.  Masks are the new "must have" accessory of 2020 and we're all looking for a way to make them as fun as possible and yes, dare we say, even a little bit fashionable.

As advocates of safety, Team ABM does our part by wearing masks daily so it has become a mission of ours to find a way to help them express our personality and match our wardrobes with a bit of flair!  The result?  Mask Tags!

Mask Tags are simple to make and fun to wear offering limitless options for self expression.  All you need is a 1" button (without the pin) and a MagTag.  It's just thaMask Tag Samplet easy!  For an even bolder statement, a 1.25" collet button or any size flatback can be used.  You can change them at any time in an instant making them the ultimate convenient pick me up for the not so exciting mask.  Just like their counterparts, the pinback button, they present endless opportunities to show your support for a cause, share a smile, show off your favorite pet, celebrate a season, show your school spirit or just start a conversation.  Anything you can put on a button can be a Mask Tag!

Don't forget, the holidays are just around the corner and Mask Tag sets make Mask Tag Setthe perfect gift for that masked fashionista in your life.  Need some inspiration to go on those tags?  Check out our catalog of Ready to Print Downloadable Designs. With hundreds of choices, there's something for everyone!

Join us in The Pinback Button Making Community and show off those beautiful new Mask Tags.  Make friends, win exclusive contests and get ideas!  Hope to see you there but until then, happy button making!

The Pinback Button Making Community
by Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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just got my 1.5 starter kit to go with the 1.0 starter kit a few weeks ago. I am so hooked! These are a great addition to the machines I found at an estate sale. I’m making buttons every night – it’s so addicting

Mary Mathis on

Love this idea. A current use, but still timeless.!

Wanda Lewis on

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