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Ultra-Realistic Mockups from Build-a-Button 6.0 and ABM

In today's ecommerce focused environment button makers rely on the internet more than ever to help them sell their products and having quality pictures instantly available is an invaluable asset.  Getting a great photo of that newly minted button can be both time consuming and wasteful when you have to print, press and setup each little color change to get customer approval but ABM has made it as easy as the click of your mouse with all new ultra-realistic mockups from Build-a-Button 6.0.  

Pinback Button Preview

In case you haven't already taken it for a spin, Build-a-Button 6.0 is a modern marvel of button making genius that takes button designing to a whole new level.  It's packed with features you didn't even know you needed and once you give it a try, we think you'll agree - it's the best in the button making universe.

Split Key Ring Preview

As exciting as BAB 6.0 is, we believe the new mockups are by far the most exciting feature yet and we think you'll agree!  With other programs, there's a learning curve involved and considerable time investment just to make a mock up of a standard pinback button but you can break free from the same old preview trap with the click of your mouse in 6.0.  Are you making zipper pulls?  Great!  There's a preview for that.  How about magnets?  You'll find one for that, too.  There's also key chainsMagneta Snapsmirrors, coastersbottle openers and most other products available in each size category.  No more buying mock ups for all of your different products that aren't quite right.  BAB 6.0 creates a truly realistic preview of exactly what you designed and it is as easy as the click of a mouse.  No special skills or frustrating waste of time required.

BAB 6.0 Mirror Mockup Sample

If you're still on the fence if this is the right fit for you, ABM has issued an all new demo version  so you can see just how easy it really is to create the perfect button.  The demo has all of the same great features packed inside as the full version.  You just are not able to save or print your design and the awesome mockup tool is limited to our sample design pinback only.  You can fully explore all of the features with our Build-a-Button 6.0 Video Tutorial Course that has step-by-step video instructions for all of the most popular features.  Trust us on this, once you have given it a try, you won't want to design another button without it!

Would you like a little advice from some of the best and brightest in the button making business?  How about some moral support or just a place to post your brand new beautiful button for bragging rights?  Join us in The Pinback Button Making Community and be the first to hear about all of the great new things happening at ABM.  You might even win one of our exclusive group contests but you'll never know unless you join!  Hope to see you there but until then, happy button making!

- by Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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I love the preview function in BAB 6.0, and I was happy to see badge reels added to the function. But the other preview items look better, with shading that makes the buttons look realistic, the badge reel just adds a flat picture to the badge real, not realistic like the others. I have been hoping that it could be fixed to look as realistic as the other button items.

JoAnn Alling on

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