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Meet the May ABM Button Maker of the Month - Lana Anderson!

Meet the May ABM Button Maker of the Month - Lana Anderson!

This month, we proudly spotlight a young button maker who embodies all that we love about the ABM Button Maker of the Month program.  Lana Anderson is the owner of Small Things Matter and the VP of Projects for Difference Makers in Silver Spring, MD and she works hard to live up to the name by making a difference in the world at every opportunity.   Difference Makers is a student founded, student run organization, founded in 2009 by a group of Takoma Park Middle School students.  The club is currently primarily an after-school student service program at Takoma Park Middle School...

ABM's Ideas To Maximize Button Sales

How To Maximize Button Sales So, we’ve discussed some ways to boost sales using commonly found materials. Today I have for you some other ideas for maximizing button sales. [caption id="attachment_331328" align="alignleft" width="300"] Movie quote button from[/caption] Quote buttons are all the rage. These can vary from inspirational to sarcastic; kid friendly to PG-13; puns to movie quotes. The wonderful World Wide Web is a source of never ending ideas for your quotes. Or, to paraphrase Art Linkletter, inspiration often comes from kids who say the darndest things. [caption id="attachment_331340" align="alignright" width="300"] E.T. button from[/caption]     Pop...

Keys to a successful Button Business Part 4

Keys to a successful Button Business Welcome to part 4 of ABM's How to Start a Button Business. Novelty buttons have been around in one form or another for decades. Smokey the Bear 1934 - 1935 NC Hunting License Kiki Cuyler Pinback from Cracker Jack box Their enduring popularity makes them an ideal home business opportunity. In Part 4 we're going to answer the all important question: What are the keys to a successful button business? Buttons offer the perfect business for entrepreneurial minded individuals or anyone looking to generate extra income. The small investment for a button making system...

How to Start a Button Business Part 3

PAPER , PRINTERS AND CUTTERS – Oh My! Part 3 in our ‘How to Start a Button Business’ series I hope you're finding our "How to Start a Button Business" blogs educational and informative.  Today we're focusing on the interaction between paper, printers and cutters.  Each plays a vital role in the success of your button business. ABM offers 3 types of button makers with which to start a button business: Paper, Photo and Fabric Paper choice is integral to the successful outcome of button making. Use paper that is too thin and you may not get a tight crimp....

Button Making Software for your Button Business

AKA - I need button making software? Welcome to part 2 in our How to Start a Button Business series. Now that you’ve made the important decisions regarding button size and target customer. Now you’re ready to think about button design. The options can be mind boggling. And let’s face it – not all of us are graphic artists. That’s OK. You don’t need to be a professional artist to create really cool buttons. What you do need is button making software. Are you proficient in PhotoShop or Corel draw? That’s great if you are as it puts you one...



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