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NEW and Exclusive from ABM - Air Freshener Kits In 3 Sizes!

New from ABM

Air Freshener Starter KitNew and exclusive from ABM are our one-of-a-kind Aroma Bead Kits! What could be better than a convenient and compact product that helps fill your world with amazing aromas?  One that can also be customized with a cherished photo, personal design or even a company logo!  ABM Aroma Bead Starter Kits come with everything you need to make 100 individual air fresheners including the Metal Craft Punch, front shell, mylar, back, jump ring and tab as well as 1/2 pound of unscented aroma beads that can easily be fragranced to any scent and complete instructions for assembly.

The options are endless!  Add a handy split key ring to carry your fragrance Air Freshener with Key Ringwith you, toss it in your gym bag or tie a ribbon through the included jump ring for a hanging car, locker or closet freshener.  Do you love essential oils?  Add lavender oil for stress relief or orange oil for energy to the beads, hang it from our twisted rope necklace and make a beautiful, unique pendant that can be worn close and help you reap the benefits all day long.

Aroma BeadsAll you need to add is the fragrance or essential oil of your choice, which can be purchased at your local craft store, and imagination!  Mixing your beads is Air Freshener Assemblysimple.  Pour the desired amount into a glass container, add your fragrance oil, put the lid on and shake!  Let it sit overnight, giving it a little shake here and there as you go by.  When you open the jar, magic!  Your beads will be dry and ready to use. 

Air Freshener Customizable BackRefill kits are also available for those who already have the Metal Craft Punch.  You will need the Metal Craft Punch to create the openings in the back  as the metal back is fully customizable and does not come pre-punched.  This gives you the freedom to easily add an initial or design on the back to make it a true original!  ABM Aroma Bead Air Fresheners are available in your choice of 1.5", 1.75" or 2.25" for a wide variety of options.  Simply choose the size that works best for you!

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 By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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Hi, Danny! The fragrance beads should last approximately 60-90 days. The longevity is highly dependent on the quality of the fragrance oil you use so keep that in mind when choosing an oil. If you have any other questions on any of our products, please just give us a call and we will be happy to help you!

American Button Machines on

How long does the fragrance last on the beads In the Buttons?

Danny on

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