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The Pinback Button Making Community - Summer of Contests Bonus Round!

The Pinback Button Making Community has been full of excitement with our popular series of summer contests.  The best of the best came to play and what an amazing ride it has been!

During the summer, Team ABM hosted 12 different contests with a total of 196 entries from 92 individual participants where we gave away 12 ABM Gift Cards and awarded over 12,000 ABM Bonus Reward Points - so far.  Of course, we aren't stopping there!  It's time for a bonus round and that comes with bonus prizes so here's the official winner's list in our Summer of Contests Bonus Round!

Pet Week Contest WinnerOver all 12 contests, there was a total of 2,455 votes cast but one entry garnered more votes than any other in a single contest by far.  Congratulations to Avon Cheng for her Pet Week Entry.  Avon scored 55 votes and an ABM Gift Card with her drawing of her unique, fluffy feline and now she can add 500 ABM Bonus Points to her stash of prizes!

Some participants shared great entries all through the summer for us to enjoy but 2 of our contestants tied for the most contests entered and they are Maxine Tipton and Beverly Oshaughnessey!  These 2 entered a total of 10 out of 12 contest each and received a combined total of 230 votes.  To thank them for their loyalty and for keeping us entertained for the last 12 weeks, we are giving each of them a 6 month membership to the all new Build-a-Button 6.0!  

When it comes to fan favorites, one topic stood head and shoulders above the Alien UFO Contest Winnerrest and garnered "out of this world" attention.  It's obvious we all want to believe and let's face it, many of us are dreaming of Scotty beaming us up these days!  The Alien and UFO week had the most overall votes and one of my personal favorite entries of the summer.  With 41 of the 336 votes cast, Tracy Lautzenheiser claimed the top prize and nabbed the ABM Gift Card.  To celebrate all of the great entries in our #1 contest, we are awarding 100 ABM Bonus Reward Points to every person who entered including Leslie Armstrong, Brandi Rose, Erin Dunigan, Maxine Tipton, Twirly Bee, Beverly Oshaughnessy, Yawaridi Southerland-Pollack, Robin Williams, Raven McKendry, Ricci Flowers, Tracy Lautzenheiser, Lisa DuBose, Wanda Lewis, Bobby Hopkins, PJ Horn, Ashley Flores, Meghan Traynor, Nanette Suarez and Colton Shane.  Congratulations to you all!

Which topic sparked the most entries?  It is apparent we can all appreciate a Sunset Contest Winnerbeautiful sunset!  26 members shared their perfect end to the day.  Marguerite Martinez set herself apart from the competition and took home the prize but we enjoyed them all.  To thank everyone who entered and made us all smile, we are giving all who entered this one a 2 pack of our all new Ready to Print Designs.  With over 250+ to choose from, there is something for everyone!  Congrats to Janisa Brown, Stephen Link, Keith Gillette, Andrew Peck, Nick Marthers, Patti Stojke, Carol Jenkins, Emil Cobb, Jason Wilkey, Roseanne Maloney, Vicky Stever, Dorothee Bennett, Teresa Catalano, Benita Dehorney, Lori Howard, Sami Jo, Lori Bordelon, Wanda Lewis, Yawaridi Southerland-Pollack, Beverly Oshaughnessy, Maxine Tipton, Windy Farley, A. Button Girl, Marguerite Martinez, Leslie Armstrong and Mike Rose

Best of Summer ContestAll of this brings us down to one final contest.  The winner from each of our 12 contests will all be eligible for the ABM Best of Summer Award.  All 12 will be published in a Best of Summer category in The Pinback Button Making Community beginning 8/28/20 at 4:15 pm CST.  Voting will be open until 9/4/20 at 4:00 pm CST at which time we will crown our champion.  What will they win?  Our Best of Summer winner will get a $50 ABM Gift Card so they can continue making people smile, one button at a time!  Good luck to all of our participants and thank you to everyone who entered or voted for making this a summer to remember!  If you haven't joined the fun, it's not to late to help us crown our winner.  Even though the Summer of Contests is drawing to a close, there is much more fun ahead so join the group, share ideas and make new friends.  We hope to see you there but until then, happy button making!

The Pinback Button Making Community

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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Thanks ABM! Summer 2020 a chance to get creative – I (and I’m sure the others who played along) had FUN! Thank you so much for my prize! Congratulations to all the winners!

Maxine Tipton on

I love being part of the pin back button community. Such great ideas and such great support from everyone. I am starting a business with my kids to help them raise money for college bc of my experience with you all. Top quality machines and supplies. Couldn’t be happier.

Marguerite Martinez on

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