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Photo Buttons Show the Smile Behind the Mask - Button Making Ideas From ABM

Wearing a mask is unfortunately unavoidable these days in most public settings.  One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is how we communicate with each Smiling Photo Buttonsother without being able to express ourselves through all important facial expressions.  It is just in my nature, as it is for many, to smile as I pass someone, even if it's a stranger.  That smile could change the tone of the day for someone you meet but if they can't see your face, how will they ever know you are trying to share that sensational smile?  Someone told me that one of the saddest side effects of all of this is that overnight we all look like we're being rude.  The big question now is how to fix that and stay safe.  The answer - with buttons of course!!

Photo buttons have so much potential for so many reasons!  First, if you're a teacher or have a favorite teacher, just think how much nicer it would be for all of those nervous kiddos to see a fun button with your best smile?  Wouldn't you like to see those adorable little faces smiling back?  It not only helps the teacher/student relationship, it helps them make friends with each other.  When you see a smile, everyone is suddenly so much more approachable!  Worried about those little fingers and pins?  Team ABM has you covered with convenient MagTags.  You can hold that button on all day without ever having to use a pin of any kind.

In a retail environment, those buttons full of happy faces could prove invaluable.  Smile Photo Buttons What is one of the most important things in a business? Making a customer feel welcome.  How do you do that without smiling faces?  The answer is so simple.  Just add a button!  It provides that personal, human connection that leads to success.

How do you perk up office morale when everyone is hidden behind their face covering?  A fun button with a silly smile can absolutely save the day and provide a much needed laugh and many smiles under the masks!

Now more than ever, buttons have the opportunity to do what buttons should do.  Create smiles, friendships, laughter and conversation.  With all of the social distancing it is so easy to feel isolated and become reclusive or sad.  With something super simple (buttons of course!) you can change the entire energy of the classroom, office space, retail store or wherever you go in your day and share that smile which is sharing happiness!

Want to share your smile photo buttons?  Join us in The Pinback Button Making Community!  Make friends, share ideas and win prizes in our exclusive contests.  Hope to see you and your smile there but until then, happy button making!

The Pinback Button Making Community

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool At ABM

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