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ABM Team Leaders


The Button Authority

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I’m ABM’s Authority on all Things Button-y. Before coming to ABM back in 2011 I never even gave thought to button machines or how buttons were made. Look at me now – answering your questions, troubleshooting, guiding newcomers & developing new products. In my leisure time I can be found reading (books, magazines, blogs – I’m not picky), hanging out at the dog park, catching live music (Texas Red Dirt!) or planning my next ink session. The fact that I’m a Texas native is quite apparent; or so I’ve been told by those customers who’ve had occasion to speak with me. I’d love to hear your opinion on the matter when next we speak.



Director of Blogging & All Things Cool

My name is Brighid and I am the official blogger of all things cool here at ABM. But my talents don’t stop there, I’ve been selling button making machines and supplies for longer than I want to admit and I love every minute of it! When I’m not selling button machines I volunteer with various animal rescues, from dogs all the way up to birds of prey. So next time we talk I will be happy to sell you a button machine AND recite some random owl facts – both of which you can use to impress friends at your next dinner party!


Button Making Support Guru

 Hi, my name is Keith and I am the Button Making Guru here at ABM. I have been making buttons for over 10 years and I am constantly amazed at what our customers can imagine, design and create with our button machines. Whether you have a general question, need technical assistance or help with some special application calibrations – I am happy to assist. I love a challenge so if you are having a button-making emergency, I can help get you back up and running ASAP!



Shipping Manager Extraordinaire

My name is Raul and I am responsible for everything that enters and leaves our warehouse. I think I have shipped a quad-trillion (that is a number right?) set of button supplies since my arrival here at ABM. If you have received buttons from us, I probably had something to do with it in some way. I have two little girls that constantly keep me on my toes. In my spare time I love studying history and watching WWII movies on Netflix.


Creative Maven

 Hello!  My name is Andrea and I thoroughly enjoy helping you be all you can be and guiding you to reach maximum potential with your button machine!  I thrive on creativity and fun so I love to help you choose accessories and develop your ideas into a masterpiece.  

I also love animals, particularly rescues, and am the proud mom of a 98 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback named Doodles and his sister Tabby Cat as well as my 2 legged pride and joy, Joey.  My husband and I spend our free time scuba diving in the Caribbean and relaxing in the mountains watching wildlife and enjoying nature.  I love to make people smile and hopefully even share a laugh or two.




 Button Super Ninja

Greetings and salutations my button making compatriots!  I am George and my mission is to help you navigate the vast ocean of button making equipment and supplies until you discover your very own Paradise Island!  If you have a question then I have an answer (and if I don’t then my Magic 8 Ball will). 

When I’m not helping people realize their button making vision, I’m either on the mats practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, watching my daughter play basketball or wrestling with my dog while watching Netflix…or I’m eating a sandwich.  Give me a call and let’s get you on the road to button making glory!



Button Maestro (in training)

My Name is Debbie and I am new to the button making business. I have been amazed and fascinated at how easy and fun buttons are to make. There are so many options you can really let your imaginationon go wild!
While I may be new at button making, my entire career has been focused on providing outstanding customer service. I really enjoy helping customers find the best solution for their needs and I am looking forward to hearing from you.



My name is Garrett and I’m one of the most dedicated employees in today’s modern society. I can complete any task or job required by any guru or ninja at ABM. My daily tasks keep my mind sharp and my body constantly moving in a very orderly and efficient manner.

As an employee here at American Button Machines, I’ve come to find that everyone included in this company is extremely hard working and, we’re all here to meet any of your button needs.

More about myself: I may be young but I'm uber capable and can help with anything needed. I love video games and hope to pursue my interest in graphic design later in life. Here at ABM I receive a lot of support for my interests, which is a huge help. These buttons sure are paving the way for an amazing opportunity!



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