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Fabric Circle Cutters

Cutting your fabric to the appropriate size circle needn't be a chore. Use one of our efficient fabric circle cutters and get the job done in no time. Either of these fabric circle cutters will have you on your way to completing the button making process in quick order. Their versatility allows you to cut both paper and fabric. If you're wondering whether these can cut your specialty fabric give us a call to arrange for a free testing before you buy.

The Adjustable Rotary Cutter allows you to cut circles from 1.313" up to 4". While it does have the ability to cut multiple layers at once, the thickness of the material will determine the number.

The High Volume Press is great for those large jobs when time is of the essence. Cutting die are purchased separately and come in a wide variety of sizes. Please read the full description of each die to determine the final cut size.



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