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1" Magneta-Snap Keyring

Hey Button Makers… for a couple of years now we’ve offered Magneta-Snap Pendants on our website and sales have been fantastic. Did you know you can also make a key chain from this same pendant? I kid you not – a key chain! The bail is large enough to work with both split key ringssnap hook key rings and C-Hook key rings. Both look great with one of these versatile pendants attached. magneta_snap_key_chains    Who says you have to use the key chain for your keys? Do you have a handbag that needs some added spice? Snap the key chain on the strap ring and call it “purse jewelry”. Go one step further and coordinate a key chain with your purse jewelry. Too much? We think not. magneta_snap_purse_1 magneta_snap_purse 2magneta_snap_purse 3 And don’t forget the best part of the Magneta-Snap is that it’s interchangeable. Changing the design is a subtle, quick & inexpensive way to freshen up your look. So, when the mood strikes, weekly (or even daily - who are we to judge?) slide out your current design and pop in a new one.   magneta_snap_key_chain_4magneta_snap_key_chainmagneta snap key chain 2

As always, Happy Button Making!

 By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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