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11 Button Making Tips

Here are Button Making Tips that can help any new button maker. We get lots of questions from folks who are just starting out or trying to decide if they should get into the “biz”. Inevitably they all ask the same question: What do I need to know about making buttons? Well, here’s a fun and eye-opening list to answer that all important question. button making tips
  1. Button Making can be profitable
  2. Always have extra mylar on hand – they get lost, dirty and can stick together & then you’ll be wondering why the heck you ran out of mylar
  3. Don't use photo paper unless you have a photo button maker or photo punch.
  4. Buttons and dog hair, not a good mix (unless that’s the look you’re going for)
  5. Button Making can be habit forming (we can direct you to support groups)
  6. Shells may nest together so keep a ceramic magnet handy to make de-nesting easier
  7. Ditto collets
  8. If you insert parts upside down, or load too many, the machine will jam
  9. Button Making is a surprising amount of fun at parties
  10. Buttons make great mementos and prizes
  11. Think twice (ok - three times) about getting a circle cutter or punch cutter, you will need it.
  12. Button Making burns calories and you look awesome doing it! (Did you really think we could stop at only 11?)
I know this isn’t an all inclusive list so if you have any insider information to share I’m sure our newbies would be thrilled to learn from your experience. As always, Happy Button Making! American Button Machines Logo By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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