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1” Metal Flatback and 1” Medallion… How are they different?

What is a metal flatback? What is a plastic medallion button? How are they different and what can you use them for? It is confusing, why do you offer both styles?  What is a crimp die adapter used for? We get these questions quite frequently so we thought we would put together a quick history and tutorial for our followers. How can you tell a metal fatback button from a medallion?
  • Metal flatbacks have a smooth, nicely finished metal back.
  • Plastic medallions have a plastic back with a small ridge where the shell crimps around it.
  • For comparison purposes, a collet back button is also shown below.
One Inch Metal Flatback Vs Medallion Button Plastic backed medallions require the use of a crimp die adapter to press them together.  What is a crimp die? Simply put, the purpose of a crimp die is to raise the plastic back inside the button machine so the front shell can crimp around it. Crimp die adapters are included for free with our 1” button machines or can be purchased separately on our website. One Inch Flatback Adapter A nice feature of medallion buttons is you have the option of using the patented Third Press Operation to flatten the medallion.  Metal flat backs do not require a crimp die adapter and are pressed together just like any other standard button. How can you use flatback buttons?
  • Metal flat backs are good for gluing to rings and bracelets and can be used as tokens.
  • Medallions are good for tokens, post style earrings, tie tacs and our brand new French Hook earrings.
So, why do we offer both?Originally the plastic medallion was used to make earrings, tie tacs and was part of a peel & stick magnet set. Then, as often happens, new and improved products came along like ceramic magnets, thicker peel-n-tick magnets and then finally the metal flat backs. It is that simple! And now you know – don’t you feel smarter :-)   Until next time, Happy Button Making! American Button Machines Logo By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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