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Buttons for Change - Fighting Mental Illness With Buttons and Anime

Buttons for Change

Battling mental illnesses including ADHD, depression and bi-polar disorder can be a crippling struggle but with the ingenious program developed by Anime for Humanity, you do not have to fight the battle alone.  

Anime for Humanity ButtonsButtons for Change and ABM are honored to partner with Anime for Humanity to help bring awareness to mental illness and hope to those who are struggling. Their mission statement is elegantly simple, yet stunningly powerful:

"Our mission is about so much more than just raising awareness about mental Buttons from Anime for Humanityhealth. We believe that Anime, Cosplay and Video Games give us an opportunity to move people from silence to conversation, from isolation to community, from pain to hope and healing. Small moments of connection and understanding can have a huge impact on someone struggling with mental health. Taking time to help people find community, understand people’s mental illnesses and celebrate what brings us together can be one of the most direct ways we can reduce social isolation and challenge the stigma of mental health."

"By attending Anime and Gaming conventions all over the nation we get to start conversations that spark change, raise awareness for mental health and hand out resources to anyone looking for support and community."

Tradeshow ButtonsAt each event in which they participate, they hand out a packet that explains who they are and what they do, a cool bookmark, a bonus Pokemon card (how cool is that?), invaluable links to resources for help and support and of course - a button!!

They have invented characters in the anime and cosplay universe that are not Anime Packetsonly relatable to those struggling but that also highlight the idea that everyone has an inner, hidden super hero just waiting to make their debut!  There is strength and power in everyone!  Even if you aren't one of those who struggle, you should really take time to check them out.  This program has the ability to bring understanding and teach compassion for those who are suffering and is helping to end the stigma often sadly associated with mental illness.

ABM and Buttons for Change, along with your generosity, are honored to be able to make a donation to this incredible program.  Together, we are truly changing the world, one button at a time!  Until next time, happy button making!

The Pinback Button Making Community

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 



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