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Buttons For Change

 Buttons for Change


Our Mission

Our Buttons for Change™ mission is to be a conduit of funds for both humanity and the animal kingdom, helping to raise awareness and the much needed funds for their special causes. Our purpose is to provide button making equipment and supplies to schools and non-profit organizations so they can reach their goals more quickly and easily, with a bit of button-style. Our vision is to help Change the World, One Button at a Time.  

Our Partners

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Click the following link to view: Our Prestige and Platinum Partners are all gathered in one place. So come on in and introduce yourself. Get a feel for the real people (and animals) you’re supporting. See what they’re all about and why we feel strongly about funding their causes.  






ABM cares about community. Every day we’re contacted by schools, non-profits, teachers and mentors who want to use buttons in a positive way but cannot afford a button maker or the supplies. We want to help every person who contacts us. Unfortunately the need is so great, we cannot do it alone. So, we put our heads and hearts together to find a way to become a force for good and agents of change. Thus, Buttons for Change was born. We asked ourselves, “How can we make a difference?” The short answer? Start with us, start small and ask for help from individuals and organizations that believe in what we believe.  





We wholeheartedly believe buttons can start a conversation. Conversations give voice to ideals. Sometimes an idea can be communicated better with a simple button than with a lengthy speech. Buttons will speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. Any message you place on a button creates change. It is a personal message, set in motion. Our button making customers bring to life something with their own hands that did not exist a moment before. American Button Machines wants to help people achieve their dreams and make the invisible, visible. This is what gets us up early and keeps us up late.

Team - Who are the team players involved in our vision?

  • Buttoneers -

Buttoneers are our partners in giving. They donate funds, time or talent to the Buttons for Change ™ campaign.
  • Prestige Partners -

Are nationwide schools and non-profit organizations. This is where 100% of all donations we collect are used. These are the people that help make the World a better place. These are the people that can take a button that costs pennies to make and turn it into a $1, $20, $50 or more donation to their cause.
  • Platinum Partners -

These are local schools and non-profit organizations that we are able to give special support. These partners receive special button making resources directly from American Button Machines. American Button Machines' employees personally work hand-in-hand with our Platinum Partners at special events and fund raising activities.
  • American Button Machines -

That's us! Our employees are the glue that holds it all together. They are the ones that are in contact with our customers and community. They are the ones reaching out to see if we can lend a helping hand. They are the ones who give selfishly for the cause. They are the engine that powers our vision, our ideas. They are the ones that believe.

How Does My Donation Help?

How does it work? In one word, simple. Non-profits apply for assistance by completing a form on our website, telling us what they need and how they intend to use buttons to make the world a better place. Only schools and 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for assistance. To date ABM has donated over $15,000 in equipment, supplies and manpower to kick start our campaign. Our goal is to raise $50,000 and give it away by then end of the year. We believe this goal to be attainable with your help.

Together, we can accomplish anything!

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 How do we raise funds? We have the best customers in the world! How do we know? Because we talk to them every day! Our customers are caring, compassionate, artistic and looking to do something out of the ordinary. That is where Buttons For Change ™ comes in! We are asking our customers to help us, help others. Either by rounding up a few pennies during the checkout process on our website, or perhaps adding a one time donation. How do we give it all away?  100% of the proceeds we collect are distributed directly to schools and non-profits in the form of free or discounted button making machines and supplies. American Button Machines is proud to support non-profits by donating all the time and resources for free. We never use a penny of the funds we raise for anything but our main purpose of giving it all away. That means advertising, credit card fees, gas, electricity, employee womanpower (and manpower) or anything else associated with bringing our vision to fruition.  





We envision accomplishing our goal in several ways. First, funding our Prestige Partners through a few options such as direct donations of, and discounts on, button making products and free shipping. Next, with these donations and our expert button making expertise, help make their fundraising efforts self-sustainable. Our mission is not to simply give button supplies away, our mission is to teach schools and non-profits how they can accomplish their goals by making buttons. To that end, we want to share everything we know about button making. We want to share their stories, sacrifice, needs, challenges and wins on our website. By leading the way, we hope to inspire others to do the same. Advertising is another way we will help our partners. Buttons themselves are a fantastic marketing tool. ABM will give free press to our Platinum and Prestige Partners on our website, spotlighting them with their own pages. Watch for button design contests. Contestants will design a button using our Build-a-Button software. Our Buttoneers will vote on these designs and the winner will receive free button supplies. Best of all, the winning designs will be added to the ABM MarketPlace. Proceeds from the sales will be funneled back to the winner's school or non-profit. Want to be a Platinum or Prestige Partner or know of a deserving organization? Submit your story. Tell us why you need a button maker, what you will do with it, how you will give back to the community using buttons.  


Learn More

To learn more about the history of ABM and our ideals check out Our Story. Working hand in hand with our Partners and Buttoneers we can indeed Change the World, One Button at a Time.  





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