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What Size Buttons Should I Make? Button Making Questions, Ask ABM

Button Making Questions, Ask ABM

What size buttons should I make?   What size button is the most popular?  Whichever way you phrase it, these are the first questions you start asking yourself when you decide to make buttons and one of the most important.  Luckily, Ask ABM is here to help!

One of the first factors to consider is your budget.  Equipment cost is identical among the smaller sizes but starting at 3" and larger, it changes.  There is also the consideration of materials cost.  Supplies vary in price according to size and of course larger parts are heavier and bulkier to ship so remember to take that into account when considering finances.

Pinback ButtonWho is your target audience?  The size question can many times be answered most easily with this factor.  If you are wanting to make buttons for political groups or Coaster Buttoncauses, 2.25" is the most popular.  Photographers and proud moms or dads of high school athletes, band champions, scholars and graduates prefer 3" .  If you want to appeal to teens or local bands, 1.25" and 1.5" are generally the answer. 

Bottle OpenerWhat products are you interested in making?  This is a big one!  Do you have your eye on all of that adorably button-tastic jewelry1" to 1.25" is the answer for sure.  Thinking bottle openers would be a hit at local bars or micro-breweries?  2.25" is the way to go!  Coasters catch your French Wire Earringseye?  3.5" is the machine dreams are made of.  What about pocket mirrors?  You'll be looking good with 2.25",  3" or 3.5".  The ever popular key chains and magnets are great in most all sizes so why not go big and make all of your button making dreams come true with a 3 in 1 kit?

ABM provides button size charts that reference common items for comparison.  Need a little more hands on example?  You can always contact Team ABM for a sample or 2 if you are trying to decide between sizes.  One thing is for sure, no matter what size you choose, you will be happy discovering all of the joy making buttons can bring!  They start conversations and create smiles.  With that we wish you happy button making!

 By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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