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ABM attends Relay For Life

ABM at  Relay for Life


We were surrounded – walkers were everywhere!

No need to panic! I don’t mean that kind of “walker”. These walkers were making their way round and round a high school running track to raise money for cancer research. Yes, you guessed it! I’m talking about Relay for Life.

Recently, ABM had the pleasure of attending one of the many local Relay for Life fundraising events. We were on hand to make buttons (of course) and sell them to the Relay participants. 100% of the proceeds were turned over to the chairman at the end of the night.

If you’re not familiar with Relay for Life, it is a national event held yearly to raise money for cancer research. Cities all across America participate, hosting overnight events throughout the spring and early summer. Participating teams raise funds prior to and during the event with all collected monies donated at the end of the Relay.


No two events are alike but their ultimate goals are the same:


  • Wipe out cancer

  • Create more birthdays


The event we attended incorporated live music, raffles, food, a ‘Mr. Relay’ contest (don’t ask) and bounce houses for the youngsters. All this was topped off with an ‘80s theme. Mascots from two of the local high schools were also on hand to entertain us. Besides buttons, other items for sale at the relay included key chains, food & snacks of all varieties and a chance to win a handmade quilt. Local restaurants and other vendors donated lots of goodies for raffle baskets, as well.

ABM staff created 5 different Relay designs to sell during the event. The most popular of the night was the “Ask Me Why I Walk” button. Intended as a conversation starter so many of the walkers loved this one. So much so that many of them purchased multiples to share with friends and teammates!


realy for life buttons

We had premade buttons available but most of our buyers preferred the hands on experience. They were thrilled to make their own buttons using the ready-made designs we brought.

ABM at  Relay for LifeABM at  Relay for Life

All in all it was a deeply moving experience. Seeing our community come together to help eradicate this terrible disease was just priceless. We can’t wait to do it again next year!


ABM at  Relay for Life

Until next time.... Happy Button Making!

Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging & All Things Cool



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