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Build-a-Button: The Perfect Campaign Button Generator


 Campaign Buttons have been in use since our earliest elections. In the last 200 years the idea behind using campaign buttons hasn’t changed but the technology used to create them surely has. What once must certainly have been a tedious process has been made much easier these days. Especially with button design software such as ABM’s exclusive Build-a-Button 5.0 program at your fingertips.


Build-a-Button Campaign Button Generator

Easy to use Build-a-Button is the perfect campaign button generator. In Build-a-Button you can upload a premade campaign template from one of our Political Design CDs and personalize it with your candidate’s name, picture and slogan. Or you can create one from scratch. Build-a-Button has backgrounds built in especially for political designs. Upload your candidate’s photo over the background and then add the campaign slogan using one of Build-a-Button’s many font choices. Perhaps add an accent ring to give it a bit more flair. Add a Rosette with streamers or Flashing LED for a button that really stands out and quickly grabs the attention of all those in sight.

flashing campaign buttoncampaign button generator campaign button

 Campaign Button Generator

Build-a-Button's campaign button generator is much easier to use than programs such as Photoshop (cheaper, too). Yet it still includes all the features a Campaign Button Generator needs to make professional campaign buttons. Layers, opacity, curved text and color picking tools are standard features of both the upgraded 5.0 version and the Classic version.

According to one Photoshop tutorial it takes a mind boggling 14 steps to create a political background. The background. Just the background! Do you know how many it takes using 5.0? Two. Yes, just two because the background templates are already included in the program!

Step 1: Pick the background format

Step 2: Choose your colors - Done!





With 5.0 you’ll even be able to design while on the road using your cell phone or tablet. I’ll bet both George and Abe would have loved to have had that capability! You can score a Free Campaign Button Generator membership when you purchase one of our Professional Campaign Button Making Kits!

The Top 5 Reasons to use Campaign Buttons:

• Buttons capture attention and immediately let potential voters know where you stand on key issues.

• Campaign buttons allow a candidate to be in thousands of places at one time.

• A supporter wearing your candidate’s button is an ambassador, of sorts, helping to spread the word.

• Fundraising! Buttons can be sold at rallies or direct from a campaign website. Simultaneously garnering funds and helping to spread your message.

• Everybody loves buttons because they're a tangible memento of a special event.

Until next time... Happy Campaign Button Designing!

Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM


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