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Button Making Questions Answered, Ask ABM - I Have a New Button Maker, Now What?

Button Making Questions Answered, Ask ABM
Button Maker Machine

Here we are at the beginning of a brand new year full of possibilities and hopefully through the Holidays you found yourself one of the lucky, proud new owners of a shiny, fresh out of the box button maker from ABM!  If you are one of the fortunate ones, congratulations and welcome to the family!

As you begin your button making adventure, you will have many questions and be full of curiosity.  We want you to know that Team ABM is here to help you be the button making ninja you were meant to be!  Not only will you find tons of amazing and entertaining videos on all aspects of button making, we have pages and pages of informative articles on everything from button making ideas to everything you ever wanted to know about paper.  Whatever your question, Team ABM can help you find the answer! 

Our most helpful and popular series can be found right here in the Button Blog in the Ask ABM category.  Here is where you will find our mot commonly asked questions and all of the resources you need to help you answer them.  This series covers things like why you should buy from ABM, deciding on a button size, different products you can make, how to solve common crimping issues and instructions for all of your favorite ABM products!

If you are a social media fan, we even have a group of 2,500+ button makers who are always more than happy to lend a hand!  Join us at The Pinback Button Making Community and make new friends, ask questions, share ideas and maybe even win one of our exclusive contest for free ABM merchandise!  We hope to see you there soon but until then, happy button making!

The Pinback Button Making Community

- by Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM


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