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Are All Button Makers Sized the Same Way - Button Making Questions Answered, Ask ABM

Button Making Questions Answered - Ask ABM

Are all button makers sized the same way?  If I have a 58 mm machine will your 2.25" button parts fit?  My button maker says it is 1.5" so why don't your parts fit my machine?  These are questions we get all too often and Ask ABM is here with the answers!

ABM button makers and supplies all conform to what is known as US standard sizing.  That means that any of our parts will work in any US manufactured machine that adheres to US standard sizing, which is most all of them.  One exception to this is Badge-a-Minit but never fear - we have parts to fit them, too!  Just remember, that big red stop sign on our BAM supplies means they will not fit your ABM machine.  BAM uses a proprietary sizing structure and no US standard parts will fit them just as no BAM designated parts will fit any US standard size machine.  

We receive calls daily from people who are either looking for parts for their machine or have already ordered parts from us and they just don’t seem to work Button Sizesor fit in their machine.  The first thing we ask in that case is what kind of machine do you have?  If you have an imported machine, no US standard (US manufactured) size parts will work in it.  Many people don't know what brand their machine is or where it was made.  Maybe it was gifted to them or they found it in a closet or at a yard sale.  That's ok.  You can determine the size with a little help from our article How Do I Find Out What Size Button Machine I Have?  Remember, when trying the methods discussed, pretty much or almost fitting is not really fitting.  Button makers are very finely calibrated and believe it or not, 1 millimeter can actually make the difference in whether you successfully make a button or not.  If when you purchased your machine there was a mention of millimeters anywhere in the ad or in the documentation you received with the machine, it is an import and will not work with any US standard parts.  

If you are still unsure, ABM offers our pinback buttons in sizes 1" - 3.5" in convenient 10 piece sample packs at a low cost with free shipping so you can give them a try first before committing to that 1,000 pieces.  We also always welcome a phone call or email to Team ABM with questions so we can help you make the best decision for your button making needs.

Of course Team ABM's best advice to make sure your button maker and supplies are all top quality is by satisfying all of your button making needs with ABM products!  We are a one stop shop for all of the best in button making with the best customer service team in the business!  If you have any doubt, check out our article Why Should I Buy Your Machine? for all of the answers as to why ABM should be your go to resource.  When you buy from ABM, you will get consistently fabulous, high quality, reliable button supplies that are always the perfect fit for your ABM machines!  We hope to hear from you soon but until then, happy button making!

- Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM


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