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Buttons for Christmas and Customized Ornaments

Customized ornaments for the family tree are always a big hit and the easiest way to make them is with buttons, of course!  With a little help from ABM, you can personalize your holidays with all of those special family mementos and give one of a kind gifts that will be treasured by all for years to come!

The elves from Team ABM have been working hard to help you find new ideas this year and I think you'll agree, they have certainly delivered!  There are options for your home, office and vehicle so you can maintain that holiday spirit everywhere you go.

Button Snowman OrnamentFirst up, what says Winter or holidays more than a snowman?  Team ABM had so much fun with this one we made magnet versions for the filing cabinets, hanging versions for the office tree and a smaller, pinback version for the elves themselves to wear.  To create the hanging version, we used a 3" mirror for the bottom, 2.25" mirror for the middle and topped him off with a 1.5" flat back and a felt hat held on with a dab of glue.  While pressing the buttons, we included a small piece of thin ribbon and a loop of ribbon at the top so he can hang on the tree.  Add a "snow globe" to the mid-section with a family photo for a personal touch or go all out and make a snowman to represent each member of the family!  

Speaking of family, another super easy family ornament option uses a larger Family Ornamentbutton for the picture with smaller buttons underneath for each name.  In our example here, we used a 3" mirror for the family and 1" flat back for each name.  Using the same idea as the snowman, simply decide how far you want the names to dangle, cut a small piece of thin ribbon, and press it inside Pet Ornamentthe button.  Even those 4 legged kids can get in on the action with their very own ornament.  We used an ink pad paw print on a 2.25" mirror with an accent ring and a 1.5" flat back for the name and year. The mirror catches all of the light from the tree and adds to the sparkle!  Who doesn't love sparkle?  The more the merrier!

The options for fun seem to be endless with all of the ways to make your Merry Christmas Ornamentornaments uniquely you!  We used colored paper with Jingle Bell Ornamentbells, stickers, ribbon and markers - all from the local dollar store.  For less than $10 we kept our entire team of elves well entertained for an entire afternoon.  Just think about how much fun your little elves could have getting in on the action!  Simply making the ornaments each year can itself become a new and wonderful family tradition as you experience the joy of bringing your ideas to life together.  Each one will bring the memories and smiles back again as you unpack your ornaments and take a stroll down memory lane while decorating your home with your treasures, year after year.  Most importantly, you will have a truly uniquely you Christmas tree that highlights the joys, love and laughter of the Season that only those special family memories can provide. 

The Pinback Button Making Community

Share ideas like these, make friends and have fun in The Pinback Button Making Community.  Join us today and enjoy all of the great advice from some of the brightest minds in the button making business!  We hope to see you there but until then....happy ornament making!

 By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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How did you know I was researching ornaments today? :-) I love the idea of the smaller buttons and bells hanging from the larger mirrored button.

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