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Button Making Questions Answered, Ask ABM - How Do Digital Downloads Work?

Button Making Questions Answered, Ask ABM
How does a digital download work?  Where are the cd's that should have come with my button making kit?  These are 2 of the great mysteries for new button maker owners but never fear, Team ABM is here to help!
Button EssentialsFirst, we'll cover the digital downloads that come with your shiny new button making kit.  As technology has advanced and society has become more and more about instant gratification and mobility, cd's have found their way into the history books for the most part.  To meet the needs of our modern day clientele, we changed the cd's to a digital download format so everyone can enjoy them and you can start making designs right away instead of having to wait.  All you need to do is watch your email for those special ABM notices with your download link and password to access all of that great content then download it and it is yours forever!  Of course, if you have any questions or need any help along the way, Team ABM is always happy to help.
Next up, hopefully by now you have seen our Ready To Print Digital DownloadsReady To Print Designs but you might not be sure how they work.  Our ever-growing library of Ready to Print button images are just that, ready to use designs that just have to be printed and pressed into your favorite button.  After you have browsed through all we have to offer including such topical favorites as "I'm Smiling Under the Mask", "Doctors are Patient People" and "Be a Flamingo" and have picked out the ones you would like for your buttons, just add them to your cart like any other product.  After you have made your purchase and we process your order you will get an email from us with a link to your designs.  All you have to do then is open the email and click on the link to get a printable PDF sheet that includes a full page of the design in every size from 1" to 3.5" standard round.  The pages are downloaded to your computer and are yours to keep and use over and over. There are no licensing restrictions on how you use the button images either, so you can sell them or give them away!  If you have different size button makers you can make your favorite Ready to Print design in all of them because you get all of the sizes for every design you purchase!

Number and Letter Download

Our all new Alphabet and Numbers sets are also available as a digital download.  With these sets, you can choose between a ready to use version or ready to color.  Whichever you choose, they are ready to insert into your favorite button template where you can print them as is or add a fun border just for kicks!  Once you checkout, you will receive one of those fabulous emails from ABM with your link to download the package you ordered and you will be ready to go! 

With any of our digital downloads, once you have downloaded them if you are not sure where they have gone, it's easy to find them again. On a PC just hold down the CTRL, Shift and Delete buttons at the same time and a list of your downloads will appear.  For Macs, the Downloads folder is easily accessed from Finder's sidebar or Option+Command+L.)
All of our ready to print digital downloads, alphabet and number sets are made here at ABM by our creative in-house designers so they are yours to use however you choose!  As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us as we are always happy to help.  We'd also love to see what you are doing with your designs.  Share them in The Pinback Button Making Community where you can get advice, share ideas and make new button making friends!  We hope to see you there but until then, happy button making!
The Pinback Button Making Community
- by Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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