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What is the best circle cutter for button making?

ABM, why do you have so many circle cutter options?

Everyone knows trying to cut circles with scissors will drive you bonkers. And leave you with cramped fingers. But, why does ABM offer so many types of circle cutters? And, most importantly, which is the best circle cutter for you? The simple fact of the matter is they’re all quality products. So, for most button makers the answer comes down to two factors: how many circles do you need to cut & what’s your budget? My Dad always told me, “Buy the best you can afford. And when you can afford better, buy better.” Sound advice, don’t you think? To help make your decision a bit easier I’ve rated and put together a list of features unique to each of our circle cutters:


Dynamo Punch: A good quality, hand-held punch for precise cuts that are size specific: 1”, 1.25” or 1.5” – sold with our Dynamo Button Kits.

Dynamo Punch Cutter






Adjustable Circle Cutter: A better quality cutting mechanism, adjusts to cut a range of industry standard button sizes from 1" to 3.5" (for crafting purposes the actual cut size is from 1.313” to 4”), can cut more than one graphic at a time, cuts printer paper, photo paper and fabric, just turn the handle until it cuts through the material – sold with our Fabric & Beginner Button Kits.

Circle Cutter








Graphic Punch Cutter: ABM's best circle cutter & is extremely popular, 5-star website review, self-sharpening cutter so there are no blades to replace, centering hole for a clear field of vision when cutting, the entire circumference is punched at once, cuts printer & photo paper, all metal construction, comes with the same lifetime warranty as the button maker (extended warranty also available) – sold with our Professional Button Kits

2 Inch Square Punch CUtter.







High Volume Die Cutting Press: The bestest of the best for those of you needing to cut thousands of graphics in a short period of time; structural steel and industrial grade aluminum construction; an ergonomic design & smooth action ensure operator comfort; convenient for right, left or two-hand operation; toggle-action of press gives enhanced leverage for cutting through a stack of material; pressure = 2,000 ft lbs at bottom of stroke; adjustable press ram for easy changes in height adjustments.

High Volume Press








If none of these fit your budget we have one more for you. Our cheapest circle cutter, the Econo Cutter, easily adjusts to cut 2" to 7.25" circles. Still can't decide?  Engage our button making community over at the Button Discussion Forum or call the office to speak with a button expert.  

Until next time – Happy Button Making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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