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Puns on Buttons

Good Puns (on buttons) are their own Reword

Puns on buttons are a sure way to get laughs and perhaps start a conversation.  Giving you the opportunity to make a new friend.  I think most people love a good pun. And, in my opinion, the best are the kind that make you roll your eyes (in the way generally reserved for teenagers) and shake your head silently while grinning ear to ear. Those that leave you simultaneously asking for more and begging the punner to quit pun-ishing you. Knee-slappers, groaners… you know what I mean. And when it’s a visual – all the better. On most days, you know how your day is going to roll out. There’s a routine of sorts. Not too much out of the ordinary happens. Well, today is no ordinary day. We came across this gem recently and liked it so much that we just had to share. Who amongst you thought you’d be seeing Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Sean Combs today? All together? On one button? You’re welcome! a little diddy with jack and diane Even Diane thinks it's funny!     Here are a few more puns on buttons I thought you might enjoy: Are you kitten me? catpun   Nope, I'm otterly serious otter   I hope you can take one more.   FrankEinstein... hahaha!  Get it?  My theory of relative-ity is that he's Albert's brother. einstein   OK, I'll stop now.  But seriously, we had so much fun with these that we've decided a contest is in order. Post your pun(ny) buttons on ABM's FaceBook page (G rated only, please). The punny button to get the most likes, WINS!  The winner will receive a FREE 3 month subscription to Build-a-Button to make all the punny buttons they can stand. Until next time – Happy Button Making! By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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