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Is The Ultimate Extended Warranty Necessary?

Do I really need ABM's Ultimate Extended Warranty?

AKA - The cat ate my button maker.  Is that covered?

With the launch of our new website earlier this year, we added features and products not previously available. These include the very popular Reward Program, the ability to calculate air shipping charges online and the Ultimate Extended Warranty.  You might wonder why you’d need extended coverage for a machine built as sturdily as ours; and rightly so.Extended_Warranty-2 While these button machines come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, that warranty does not cover issues resulting from user error, normal wear and tear, neglect and/or abuse, curious cats or flooded basements. Here, for your consideration, are a few real life stories of button makers who could have benefited from ABM’s Ultimate Extended Warranty coverage.  (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.) Scenario #1 – John Q. Public Library has a button maker in their children's area.  The vertical rods on the front of the button maker got bent after a young visitor threw it on the floor. A member of the custodial team attempted to straighten the rods but was unsuccessful and eventually disassembled the button machine.  Long story short, they decided to purchase a new button maker.  This time with the warranty. Scenario #2 – Jane Doe's button maker no longer crimps tightly.  Knowing that this can be an easy fix she asked her engineer husband to tighten the bolts.  He did so but without referring to our maintenance document instructions.  This led to over tightening, bolts shearing off and a trip to the repair center. Scenario #3 – Sometimes bad things happen to good button makers.  For instance, Super Storm Sandy ruined more than one basement-stored button maker. Scenario #4 - Yes, if the cat eats your button maker (as shown in the Fairweather Friends Blog) it will be covered with the Ultimate Extended Warranty! cat ate my button maker Think of the Ultimate Extended Warranty as an insurance policy.  It's there if you need it giving you peace of mind.  And when trying to decide if it is worth the price- keep this in mind.  If the experts at our repair facility can not fix your button maker or graphic punch we're going to send you a new one. Guaranteed. Until next time – Happy Button Making! By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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