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River City Button Horde #ourstoryisyourstory


Jonny Snell’s button obsession began during his teenage years and eventually led to the start up of River City Button Horde. Growing up, music was a huge part of Jonny's life and he attended countless shows and concerts. Buying t-shirts and other memorabilia from the merch tables, as they’re known in the biz, was and still is, the easiest way to show support for local bands. Buttons, a big item in the music world, have always been best sellers at the merch tables. Jonny began collecting these buttons more than 15 years ago, mainly from small bands trying to make it big. It was during this time that he first decided he wanted his own button press.

Fast forward several years. After honorably serving his country in the US Army, Jonny decided it was finally time to make his dream of button machine ownership a reality. So, a few years ago Jonny invested in a 1” Professional Button Kit from ABM and launched River City Button Horde. Since that time he has pressed well over 15,000 buttons and is just starting to rock & roll. Based out of Jacksonville, FL all of the local bands come to Jonny’s company for their button needs.

We are so pleased to have been a part of Jonny’s story thus far and to help get him started on this journey. The next time you’re at a concert or music festival, stop by the merch table and pick yourself up a button. Who knows, it might be the start of your very own button obsession.

You can purchase any of River City’s buttons at their EBay store, Toxic Hooligan.

Or, to request a special order, contact them via their FaceBook page.

ABM is proud to include Jonny and his River City Button Horde in our “Our Story is Your Story” feature. To quote Jonny, “Your business sprung ours”.

Until next time - Happy Button Making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM


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