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Meet Our Newest Button Maker of the Month!

Each month here at American Button Machines we look for a button maker that exemplifies the ABM spirit and in March, we want to honor Jen Nold and her FRC Robotics Team 48.  Jen started with a 1" button machine from ABM to make buttons for her FRC Robotics Team.  FIRST Robotics Competitions are an international high school robotics competition where each year, teams of high school students and their mentors work during a six-week period to build game-playing robots and compete with other teams. Not only do they create fantastic robots, they are known for their amazing buttons!  Attend any FIRST event and you will witness a sea of people wearing, trading and making buttons.

Jen soon realized that not only did the buttons add to her team's enjoyment of their robotic events, they made a great fundraiser to help get them to their events!  After a little careful consideration, she also recognized that same fundraising ability had the potential to truly do some good in her community.  If these fun little creations could get her team to competitions, what could they do to help those who are in need?  The answer was clear and so she purchased a 1.5" machine and a 3" machine to add to the fun and began making buttons in support of Project Linus who provides new, handmade blankets to children who are ill or have been in a traumatic situation.


Her daughters have joined in on the action by making sure their mom has great new artwork for each event they attend and they let customers design and color their own special buttons on the 3" machine with all of the proceeds going to support Project Linus.  Not only are they helping those in need, they are introducing an entirely new generation to the fun and excitement of button making and she is teaching her daughters about caring for others by experiencing the satisfaction gained from being able to contribute to such a worthy cause.

Jen is using buttons to provide comfort to children in need of an extra little hug, she's teaching her children about giving of yourself to help others, leading a group of young people on to robotic victory and introducing even more people to the fabulously fun world of button making.  What could be more worthy of a Button Maker of the Month title than that?  Congratulations, Jen!

If you're doing something your proud of with your buttons or helping to make the world a better place with your button-y creations, let us know!  You can have your own 15 minutes of fame and $50 worth of FREE ABM PRODUCTS!!  Just send us your short story with pictures or a video and you could find yourself crowned as our next button-tasic hero!  Until next time - happy button making!





  By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 


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