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Monogrammed Buttons Offer a Solution for Embroidery Business Expansion in Three Easy Steps

monogram-buttonsCustom monogrammed buttons are growing in popularity and it’s easier than ever for embroidery shops and monogrammed gift businesses to get in on the action. Fabric buttons are extremely versatile, but most manufacturers do not offer any options for their customers. Thus, your embroidery business or monogrammed gift shop has a solid chance to capitalize on the opportunity. With inexpensive supplies and a quick, easy process, the high profit margins custom monogrammed buttons offer is an excellent way for a business to expand. With the variety of optional backings that can be used on the buttons, monograms could be displayed as ponytail holders, necklaces, pocket mirrors, shoe charms, cell phone charms, key chains, refrigerator magnets, flip-flop accessories and more. For fear of facing a complicated button making process, many embroiderers have avoided moving into the button phase of their business. However, in all actuality, the monogramming is actually the most challenging part. In fact, the entire process wraps up in three simple steps, and embroidery and monogramming businesses are already masters of the first step. Step 1: Embroider the monogram on fabric. Step 2: Cut it out using a circle cutter or fabric circle cutting press. Step 3: Press all the components together using the Fabric Button Machine. The circle cutter and the fabric circle cutting press can be found at the American Button adjustable-circle-cutterMachines website, where you can find all of your button-making solutions. The adjustable rotary circle cutter offers additional functionality as well. It was originally designed for cutting circular graphics and photos for pin-back buttons. However, the product’s innate durability allows for a variety of uses. For instance, schools, arts and crafts designers, companies, and many others use the versatile cutter to cut circles out of paper, thin plastic, construction paper and poster board. It’s pretty safe to say that with the incorporation of both monogramming and buttons, you’re well on your way to something new, definitely fun, and with the potential to be very profitable. For more information on the button making process, check out our how-to button making videos at Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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