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Make Campaign Buttons with Political Campaign Button Makers

Make Campaign Buttons with Political Campaign Button MakersIf you are campaigning, or helping to run a campaign, a campaign button maker will be a useful tool to let voters know who you are and where you stand on issues. Instead of wasting your time and money on mass phone or mail campaigns, try the more cost efficient and more effective alternative: campaign button making. The price of postage goes up each year, making mail campaigns more and more expensive. They are also ineffective; most of the time people just throw your mass mail out because they consider it junk mail. With the advent of online bill pay and e-mail, people also check their mailbox less often. Phone campaigns can also backfire, because people will be upset that you are interrupting their dinner or other important activities. So instead of using one of these expensive and antiquated methods of yesterday, stick with the tried-and-true method of using campaign buttons. Since President George Washington wore a brass campaign button at his inauguration in 1789, campaign buttons have been a major part of every presidential campaign. The reason all of the US presidents have used buttons for their campaigns is because they are inexpensive and effective. TV commercials can be fast-forwarded nowadays, and the radio station can be changed, but you cannot ignore a catchy button. All you need to get started is a button making machine, a few pinback button supplies and you will be making buttons in no time at all. The most recent presidential buttons have read vote BUSH 2000 or OBAMA 08. While this is classically how campaign buttons are used, there are also other ways to take advantage of button making.Campaign Buttons Get the Word Out with Campaign Buttons Pass buttons out to supporters at your rallies. This way your supporters can wear your campaign button everywhere they go. This will expose your name or message to places that cannot be reached by mail, phone, TV, or radio -- and for a lot less money. With these benefits it is easy to see why this form of marketing has been used by all of our presidents in their campaigns. Use Campaign Buttons to Show Where You Stand Let the people know where you stand on issues with a button that states the issue and your stance. Simply make a button that says “Vote No for Article 3” or “Yes to Proposition 10”. This lets everyone know where you stand, and at the same time your supporters will be able to explain to people the reasons for your decision to anyone who asks. This allows you to be in a thousand of places at once. Incorporate Campaign Buttons into Fundraising Sell buttons at your rallies or on your campaign website so the people can give their support you in two ways. The first, we have already mentioned above, is getting your name out in front of the public eye. The second is that you will also gain support with the funds you raise from button sales. You can even make your buttons say “I donated”, followed by your last name and the year of the election. This will let your campaign donors show everyone who they support in the upcoming election. Campaign Button MakersThe possibilities for increasing your support will be maximized by using a campaign button maker like the ones sold at American Button Machines. Not only are pinback buttons inexpensive to make, they are very effective form of marketing. Buttons are a special form of marketing because they do not leave possible supporters with questions. TV, Radio, and Print Ads cannot answer questions, but a supporter with your button can. So make your campaign a success by using campaign buttons to raise funds, publicize your message, and get your name out to the people. Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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