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Customer Spotlight:

We regularly receive emails from our customers telling us how much they love their button machines and other button making supplies. These emails often regale us with exciting stories and pictures of the buttons and other unique craft items they have used their button machine to make. Our Customer Spotlight, as regular readers know, was created to allow us to reciprocate a little bit of this button love and turn the spotlight back on our wonderful customers that we love and appreciate so much. Today's Customer Spotlight is, a website that allows you to create photo art, clothing, gifts, and decor that you design. Sounds pretty cool huh? Well it is! ellaprint.comFran from from recently emailed us to share her thoughts on our button machine and the success they had with their first project using it:
Good Day, I just wanted to drop a line to you to let you know that we love our button machine. We have used the Slater machine in the past, the one with all those rings and we were always so frustrated with the consistency and ease to make buttons. Our first project with this new machine was 300 pins, 100 of each design. We received the machine at 3:30 in the afternoon on Thursday and finished the job in no time at all. We watched the video and by the second button we were PRO's! I n fact we delivered the buttons the very next morning!   Now that customer wants us to do all their button work. Thank you for an easy to use machine that works effortlessly. Fran
Fran, we are very happy that you have had such a great experience with our button machine and appreciate you giving us a shot and trying out our wonderful button makers in the first place! Now, dear reader, we implore you to give a try the next time you are looking to create some interesting and personalized home decorations. As their website says, gives you "better living through imagery." So why not start living better today? Check 'em out: Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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