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Promoting Church Events and Raising Church Funds With Buttons and a Button Maker

Button Ideas for Your Church or Religious Institution Getting the word out about upcoming events is a challenge that companies face even with millions of dollars to spend on marketing and promotions. Obviously, as the leader of a church or other religious institution, you want to get the most out of your funds to improve your community and the welfare of others. This means that there is often not a lot left in the coffers for marketing upcoming events. With a button maker from American Button Machines you can create buttons that offer an effective, low-cost way to accomplish the marketing and fundraising goals of your church or religious institution. Advertise for Church Events One method for promoting church events is to have your members wear buttons advertising the Promoting Church Eventsdate and theme of an upcoming event. This is a cheap way to have hundreds or even thousands of interactive billboards promoting for your event. Not only will people see the advertisement on members, they can also ask any questions on the spot. This lets you conduct word-of-mouth marketing nearly every place that your average members probably visit. The most effective layout for these buttons is to state the event’s name at the top of the button and then follow this with the name and/or logo of your church or religious institution. Finally, include the date and location at the bottom. Raising Church Funds Buttons can also be used for raising church funds. You can sell buttons with your religious institution’s logo followed by a message that you stand behind. This is a great way for your members to show their pride in your church as well as its stances on important issues. Another option for a message can be a verse or passage that holds a special meaning to your members. Reward Your Members In addition to being used for promoting church events and raising church funds, buttons custom-designed with your own button maker can be used as a reward for members who make donations, or even to incentivize and reward good behavior from your younger members. Show your appreciation for each donation by simply making a button that has your logo accompanied by a statement like “I donated” or “I helped the homeless”. This will let your donors know how much you appreciate them, as well as allow them to show others their good deed. If your younger members display good behavior during a class or service give them a button to let everyone know. Watch behavior improve as they compete to receive more buttons. American Button Machines has everything a church or other religious institution needs to get started on any of the projects mentioned above. Get the most out of your advertising dollars by using this effective, low-cost method of promoting, fundraising, and rewarding. With a button maker and the proper button supplies you will improve your special events, increase your ability to raise funs, and boost the moral of your members. Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABMSaveSave

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