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How to start a home button business

Congratulations – you’re starting a button business!

You may be asking yourself, "How do I start a button maker business from home?" Well, starting a home button business is easier than you think.  First up for discussion today are some critical decisions to be made. fabric-mirror_smaller-300x225While you’ve already made the most important business decision there are still many more to come. The first of which are interconnected and the answer to the first will likely depend on the answer to the second. Two important questions you’ll need to ask yourself are - what size button am I selling and who is my target customer? But, much like the chicken and the egg, which decision comes first? That depends. If you decided to start a button business because you saw how well they were selling at your kids’ school then you’ve probably already decided on your target customer. Or maybe you ran across Magneta Snap Pendants at an art festival and thought, “Hey, I’m creative, I can make those!” It's possible you inherited or were gifted with a button maker.  Perhaps you just have a general idea that buttons would make a great home business. In that case you’ve got some research ahead to determine the best size for you. So let's get started! I’ve created a handy chart of the popular button sizes and which accessories are available for each.  You will quickly notice that 1” & 2.25” have the widest variety of accessories. Magnet sets are available in every size but 6”. (Who really needs a 6” magnet?)
Model Size Model 100 1 Inch Model 125 1.25 Inch Model 150 1.5 Inch Model 175 1.75 Inch Model 225 2.25 Inch Model 300 3 Inch Model 350 3.5 Inch Model 600 6 Inch Model 1727 1.75" x 2.75" Model 2020 2 x 2 Inch Model 2030 2 x 3 Inch
Pin Back Buttons
Key Chains
Ponytail Holders
Badge Reels
Tie Tacks
Metal Flat Backs
Bracelets & Rings
Magnetic Jewelry
Zipper Pulls
Flashing Buttons
Bulldog Clips
Bottle Openers
Purse Hangers
Fabric Buttons*

Ask yourself, who is my target customer? Smaller, artsy buttons are popular with middle school and high school kids. 1" buttons are a favorite of rock bands. Nurses & teachers are big fans of the 1.5" fabric buttons which fit perfectly on badge reels. The mighty 2.25" button has fans across the spectrum because it's a great size for lots of different projects. Photographers are keen on the 3" and 3.5" buttons. These provide a nice sized canvas for putting text along with a picture. Another factor to consider is design medium.  Do you intend to use printer paper, photo paper or fabric? Perhaps embroidered fabric?  Photo paper and fabric will narrow down your choices as far as size but not necessarily accessory options.  ABM has button makers available to accommodate both light weight cotton fabric and paper.  Size is a factor with fabric; especially with the smaller button makers.  Likewise specialty fabrics and embroidery requires special handling so give us a call to discuss the particulars.2.25" Fabric Button Making Machine This is a lot of information to digest.  And I have even more to share.  So come back next week for a button making software discussion. Week 3 will touch on the best cutters, printers and paper.

And in week 4 I'll share the keys to a successful button business.  

Until next time – Happy Button Making!

By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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Hi Lorian,
Since size is a factor for making fabric buttons on the smaller button machines we don’t offer them for purchase on the site.
If you’re interested in ordering a 1" fabric button machine or kit please call our office to discuss details.

Stephanie Biggs on

I have not found a 1" fabric button machine on your site. But you show it on the grid as available with a 1" machine.

lorian.rivers on

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