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Model 100 1 Inch Button Making Machines

Our wide selection of 1 inch Button Making Machines and Button Making Starter Kits make the most popular small sized buttons available on the market today!

With a 1″ button maker from American Button Machines, you can easily create several hundred buttons an hour. Our machines incorporate a Cam-on-Roller design along with the effective fulcrum position, thus requiring very little physical force to operate.

1 inch buttons are great for:

  • Schools
  • Crafts
  • Gifts
  • Promotional buttons for bands, clubs and organizations
  • Any crafty and fun button purpose you can think of!

ABM Best Price Guarantee
Learn how to make 1 inch buttons with our Video Tutorial.

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Model 100 1″ Button Machine | Pendant Special
Model 100 1″ Button Making System | Pendant Special
Model 100 1″ Professional Button Making System | Pendant Special

The table below offers a list of supplies that complement our 1″ button machine, as well as products that a 1″ button machine system can help you create.

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1 Inch Button Machine Products and Supplies

build-a-button-design-center Build-a-Button Online Design Center
The best button making software in the history of button making! Get 3 months free access to Build-a-Button with purchase of a Beginner or Professional System!
button-making-design-templates 3 Free Button Design CDs!
With every 1″ Beginner or Professional System you get our Button Essentials, Artistic Creations-Series One, and Artistic Creations-Series Two Button Design CD’s.
button-making-systems-free-shipping-offer Free Shipping!
Take advantage of our “Free Shipping Special” on all 1″ Button Machine Systems!
circle-cutter Adjustable Circle Cutter
Cuts paper, photos, fabric and more!
dynamo-punch-cutter Dynamo Punch Cutter
Hand-held punch cutter for fast, precise cuts everytime.
tabletop-punch-cutter Punch Cutter
Heavy duty table-top punch cutter.
die-cutting-press High Volume Die-Cutting Press
Have a need for speed? Our press cuts 30-50 graphics at a time.
pinback-button-supplies Pinback Buttons
Includes: Mylar, Front Shells, Collets and Locking Spring Pins
magnet-sets Magnet Sets
Includes: Mylar, Front Shells, Collets and Self Adhesive Magnet
medallion-sets Medallion Sets
Includes: Mylar, Front Shells and Plastic Backs. Flatten your medallions with our flat back adapter.
metal-flat-back-sets Metal Flat Back Sets
Includes: Mylar, Front Shells and Metal Flat Backs.
ceramic-magnet-sets Ceramic Magnets
Super strong ceramic magnets work with 1″ un-pinned buttons.
magneta-snaps Magneta-Snaps™
High-quality, nickel-free silver tone interchangeable magnetic pendants into which you can easily snap any 1″ button magnet.
clix-bracelets Clix™ Bracelets
Snap your 1″ flat back buttons right in to create a fun, personalized, stylish bracelet!
clix-pendants Clix™ Pendants
No need to use a magnet, just “click” in a 1″ flat back button to create a customized pendant.
ponytail-sets Pony Tail Sets
Includes: Mylar, Front Shells, Metal Back with Center Hole, and extra large Eyelet.
versaback-keychain-sets Versa Back Keychain Sets
Choose from 6 different key chain styles.
versaback-zipper-pull-sets Versa Back Zipper Pull Sets
Personalize your favorite hoodie, jacket or book bag.
tie-tack-sets Tie Tack Sets
Includes: Foam backed Tie Tack with Clutch. Use with 1″ Medallions.
earring-sets Earring Sets
Includes: Surgical steel earring posts with self adhesive disks. Use with 1″ Medallions.
badge-reels Badge Reels
Retractable badge reel for making custom ID badges. Use with 1″ Metal Flat Backs.
shoe-charm-sets Shoe Charms
Snap-inz™ Two-Piece Shoe Charms. Attach the charms to a 1″ Medallion with glue and insert it through any hole on your clog.
button-ring-supplies Button Ring
Adjustable stylish silver tone button ring can be used with 1″ Medallions. For ages 13 yrs and up.
bobby-pin-button-supplies Bobby Pins
Make custom hair pins with our 2″ long Bobby Pin Buttons. Simply glue a custom button to the round Bobby Pin Pad


The Model 100 can also produce medallions by making a button without a pin and applying the “Third Press Operation”.