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Hole-y Crafty Buttons, ButtonMan! Part 2

Last week I offered several suggestions for putting your Metal Craft Punch to good use. This nifty little gadget is so versatile that I couldn’t fit all of my ideas in one post. So I’m back again this week with a couple more ideas. Much like threading decorative ribbon through a Christmas ornament, you can again use one of the smaller bits to make a hole for threading a short beaded chain. Some of you are probably asking, what on earth for… so it can be hung as a monogrammed rear view mirror charm. Please, enough of the genius talk; you’re embarrassing me :-)  Go ahead and use the ornament kit so it’ll be double-sided and the driver isn’t blinded on the way to her destination. Rear View Mirror Charm Can you handle one more? Sure you can. I love the little artsy 1” buttons and love them even more as key chains. You know what I don’t like so much? The big, black versa-back sticking out the top. Problem solved. You’ll make a button with the 1” medallion set, punch a hole and attach to the key chain. The style I have is the snap hook. But, if you also add a jump ring you could use any one of the many styles we offer. And, you don’t have to use the medallion. If you’re partial to the look of the open back, use the collet instead. I am willing to bet, if you add these items to your inventory, your MCP will pay for itself in no time.     Until next time, Happy Button Making! fabric_machine_sm By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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Hi Marianne,
Thank you for contacting us, that is a great question. We were curious ourselves as no one has ever asked us that question. We did some testing specifically looking for separating and tearing. The craft punch does not seal the mylar to the paper but it leaves a very nice clean edge. If you move your finger over the face of the button, the hole is smooth and does not catch on anything. The mylar is stretched tight against the paper so there is no gap for anything to catch on. I suppose over time it could slightly separate the mylar but I think it would be negligible. We have had people wearing button earrings here for a long time and have never had an issue with them. I hope this helps to clear things up for you. Please let us know if you have any further questions, we are happy to help!

ABM on

Hi, I love the idea of the hole punch. I wonder about how the Mylar and paper will hold up over time around the edge of hole. What keeps the Mylar and paper from separating and tearing over time? It’s a great idea and I want to try it. Does the punch also seal the Mylar/paper with some kind of rivot? Thanks, Marianne

Marianne on

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