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How to Make a Coaster Button

So what button making product is the least known to most button makers? In a single word, Coasters! Making your own custom coaster button is fun and very easy to do! All you need are 3 items: 1. 3.5" Button Maker 2. 3.5" Coaster Button Set 3. 3.5" Coaster Insert So gather everything you need and follow this step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process. How to Make a Button Coaster: Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the parts of the coaster button. The parts consist of: Mylar, Front Shell, Flat Back and Adhesive Backed Cork. You can purchase the complete coaster sets in our store. 3.5" Coaster Button Set   Step 2: A coaster insert and rod are a vital part of the coaster making process.  The coaster insert will help you achieve the flattest surface possible. The rod will be used to remove the coaster insert when the button is finished. 3.5" Coaster Insert   Step 3: Inside the upper die, directly in the middle, is a hole for the coaster insert to fit. Coaster Button Insert   Step 4: Gently guide the coaster insert into the upper die. The insert is magnetized and will snap into place.   Coaster Button Insert Step 5: Place the shell, graphic and mylar into the pick up and the dimpled back into the crimp die; proceed as you would when making any other type of button. Coaster Button Machine   Step 6: Remove the finished button from the crimp die. Coaster Button Machine   Step 7: You are now ready to apply the adhesive backed cork to the backside of the button. Coaster Button Cork   Note the button on the left (made using the coaster insert) is completely flat. Coaster Button   Step 8: To remove the coaster insert from the upper die, insert the rod into the hole on top of the die and press down.  The coaster insert will slide out. Coaster Button Insert   It is that simple. Now get out there and start protecting those tables!   Until next time, Happy Button Making! fabric_machine_sm By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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My suggestion for coaster’s is to use cardstock for the images. Heavier paper vs regular 24lb paper will avoid crinkling/wrinkling under the mylar over time, an issue I had during my first round of making them. Once the paper was corrected to #110lb cardstock, the issue was resolved. They are wonderfully easy to create and people love them.

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