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Free Button Maker Machine from ABM


Hey button makers! You know ABM loves to give stuff away. Well, we’re at it again. ABM is giving away another free button maker machine! Starting today and running through January 7th leave a review for ABM and you’ll automatically be entered to win your choice of a 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75” or 2.25” paper button machine. Which size will you choose? So as not to leave out those of you who have not purchased from ABM, we're giving everyone one more way to enter. Simply comment on this blog with a few sentences telling us how a button maker would be beneficial to you Leave a review on each site and you’ll be entered 9 times to win a free button maker machine!

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Face Book reviews = 1 entry Google+ reviews = 5 entries Blog Comments = 3 entries How do you leave a review? Great question – it’s easy. Click here to leave a FaceBook review. Click here to leave a Google+ review. Why the focus on reviews? Everyone I know reads reviews when contemplating any purchase these days. It doesn’t matter if they’re spending $50 or $500. First and foremost, reviews can help a newcomer determine what will best fit their needs. Understanding that you’re spending your hard earned dollars with a reputable company is invaluable. Reviews from existing customers, those who have firsthand experience with a company and their products, have the unique ability to help potential customers feel confident in their buying choices. Secondly, we want to create raving ABM fans. Hearing from customers who love our products as much as we do gives us the tingles all over. Reviews from raving fans foster a sense of community. ABM is big on community and giving back. So let’s start 2016 off the right way – by giving someone in our button making community a FREE BUTTON MAKER MACHINE! The winner will be chosen on Friday, January 8th. Will it be you? Good luck!   Until next time – Happy Button Making! By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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We used out button maker to let 5-12th graders make their own button as part of our Teen Summer Reading Program. They could make a button or a magnet for every 3 books they read. This fall we used our button maker as a Maker Table project for October anti-bulling month. The kids could make a BE Kind button or magnet for their backpack or locker and a Halloween Button from circles cut from scrap paper and images from withdrawn books and magazines. I am purchased the 1.5 in. last year. I am seriously thinking about purchasing the 1 inch machine. The library shares with all departments please consider us! Thank you.

Jacalyn on

Every year at our robotics team competitions, teams give away buttons, buttons and more buttons…..but alas! our team cannot afford a machine. Having one would mean buttons every year to give away! yay! I would like to win the machine so we can GIVE/TRADE buttons -instead of just collecting. Thanks-team 3538, Avondale Robojackets

Kate Ford on

Just got the shipment from ABM to produce buttons for the upcoming Maine Common Ground Country Fair. The largest organic fair in North America attracts over 60,000 fairgoers during the fall equinox. Sales of American made ABM buttons are great.

Roger Leisner on

Love these ABM button machines! Wish I could afford all sizes of them. I bought a 2.25 and love it, now have my eyes on a 1.5.
Please please pick me. LOL.
These are made great and very durable.
Trying to expand my little home business. Wish the prices would come down a little on supplies or at least the button makers so I could afford to buy more, more, more.
Thanks guys your great!

Shirley on

I am a new ABM customer. In 2017, I am looking at taking my photography hobby to the next level and start my own business. Buttons are a fun way to display photos. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information provided by ABM and I am especially excited to purchase an American made product. Can’t wait to get started!

Karen on

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