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Thank You for Helping to Make Build-a-Button 5.0 a Reality!thank you button

If you haven’t heard, we’re in the process of enhancing the best button designing software in the known universe. To everyone who has given us feedback and enhancement suggestions during the Beta phase of Build-a-Button 5.0 we can’t say thank you enough. We have received fantastic advice and implemented almost all of the requests into the next release. We believe all bases have been covered to launch the best button designing software ever. But, as we finalize the design program, we are looking for any last minute feedback or suggestions. Is there anything else you want? Have we overlooked any important feature? Is there anything else that will make Build-a-Button 5.0 the easiest and best button designing software available? Please use our Contact Form to let us know your thoughts. Our goal with all these enhancements has been to make sure our users have the best online design experience possible. Whether you use the program on your PC, Mac, tablet or Smartphone, we want you to come away with the feeling that making and saving your design was as effortless as possible. We want you to say to yourself, and your spouse, friends, colleagues or co-workers  "Wow - that was easy!"  In short, we want to offer our consumers the best button designing software in the known universe! Some exciting enhancements so far have been: Design on Tablets & Cell Phones Print multiple designs on 1 page Edit a saved design Upload new file types: PSD, EPS, AI, SVG TIFF, PNG, GIF & BMP files Undo / Redo Buttons Grid Lines Radial & Linear Gradient Save final design as transparent PNG Add Accent Ring / Bleed Edge Eraser Tool Stock silhouettes Stock photos Text Drop Shadow Gray Scale Sepia Invert Color Brightness Crop to size Keyboard shortcuts 600+ fonts Larger font size The new and improved version will be launched any day now. When it is, the free Beta period will be over. So this, my friends, is the last chance to give us your two cents before Build-a-Button 5.0 is officially released. After the upgrade release, Build-a-Button will be available in two versions: Build-a-Button 5.0 and Build-a-Button Classic. Once more, a huge thanks to our Beta testers – we could not have done this without you! Until next time – Happy Button Making! By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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Love the new program have used it many times. Still learning. Need more info on how to make serval designs on one sheet

Dave Suckow on

I really enjoy your products. Keep up the good work.

Earl on

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