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Fabric Button How-To Series: Using Your Button Machine Properly to Make Fabric-Covered Buttons

One of the growing trends in monogramming and embroidery is the use of fabric-covered buttons as an accessory for a number of items, from clothing to purses to shoes. Many small embroidery shops have begun to offer a selection of fabric buttons, including custom monogrammed buttons. With a professional grade button machine, a small embroidery shop can quickly expand its product offering with a fun and versatile fabric button that has a number of uses. This post is the third in our week-long series on fabric buttons.Fabric Covered Button Necklace Tuesday, we discussed important pointers for choosing the right fabric when you begin your fabric button making project. Wednesday, we told you about the myriad uses for fabric-covered buttons. Then yesterday, we discussed why many embroidery shops are investing in their own professional button machine to create custom fabric buttons. Today, we give you a brief overview of the proper way to use a button machine to make fabric-covered buttons. In a rotating die button maker, the materials are placed into two separate dies. The button's front shell and fabric are positioned in the first die, which is rotated into the machine, and the lever is pulled once. The button back is then placed in the second die, which is rotated into the press, and the lever is pulled a second time completing the button press operation. We have found that a button maker with a rotating die is the most efficient way to produce buttons in a large number extremely quickly. The button parts are loaded directly in front of the operator so they do not have to make excessive time-consuming moves to the left and the right of the machine to load parts which slows down production. The two dies swivel on a center axis providing speed and accuracy to such levels that these machines are able to produce a button in as little as ten seconds. There are other fabric button machines that are designed to have interchangeable dies, such as our PT-150  Green Machine.  The dies can be swapped out to change sizes quickly and efficiently. While production is not quite as fast as the rotating die method, these machines produce very high quality, cost effective buttons". Fabric Covered MirrorA fabric button is a great way to personalize any item and to add a unique sense of one's personal style. With a wide array of fabrics, and a number of different button making options, fabric buttons have a number of uses, such as pocket mirrors, keychains, ponytail holders, pinback buttons, shoe charms, and necklaces. By investing in a professional grade fabric button maker, an embroiderer can easily expand their offering and capitalize on the growing popularity of fabric-covered buttons.
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Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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