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Event Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profits: Use Buttons to Promote, Enhance Event

Custom buttons can be a great way to help market and advertise events hosted by your non-profit organization, and enhance your fundraising initiatives. Buttons can be used as gifts, advertisements, and status symbols, as well as many other uses. Non-profits that utilize buttons for promoting events employ a cost-effective way to get their message out to a large audience. Using buttons to advertise for your non-profit organization is a low-cost way to boost fundraising efforts in several ways. Here a few proven event fundraising ideas for non-profits that can help your non-profit fundraising efforts: Susan G Koman-- Advertise for an event by putting the time and date of the event on buttons. Then have members of your non-profit organization wear and distribute the buttons before your event takes place. This will spread the word about your event in a cost-effective, word-of-mouth manner. -- Use the buttons as tools to let consumers know who is sponsoring an event by simply distributing buttons with your non-profit organization’s logo on it at the event. This will familiarize the attendees with your organization and increase name and brand recognition.

-- Include your non-profit organization’s mission statement on the button, as well as the website or any other important information you want the attendee to take home with them.

  American Red Cross-- Include a statement on the button to help consumers remember the event after it takes place. To do this mention a celebrity or speaker that attended the event, for example “I helped save a starving child with Angelina Jolie”.

-- Buttons are also very useful as identification at events. They can be used to identify staff for the event, or to restrict access to certain areas of the fundraising event.

-- Use buttons as a status symbol to show that a member has made a donation by giving them a button. This gives recognition to those who have donated as well as let everyone else know who has made a donation. -- Sell buttons alongside merchandise to raise funds for your non-profit organizASPCAation. Buttons are inexpensive, and this makes them a perfect fit right next to your organizations’ t-shirts, bumper stickers, and other merchandise.

With the current state of the economy forcing organizations big and small to find cost-efficient methods of marketing and promoting, many non-profit organizations have turned to buttons as a solution that is cheap and easy to integrate into their overall event fundraising strategy. American Button Machines offers a variety of button machines, along with all of the button making supplies you may need for any button making project, that represent a low-cost investment with a vast potential for tangible and intangible returns. Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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