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Circle Cutters Make the (Button) World Go Round

What is the best friend of a button maker? We suppose that is a difficult question to answer, with many possibilities. Some people might say that their button machine wins the prize, while others might say that there would be no prize without button supplies. But, just for your eyes, is another opinion for you to surmise... Maybe the circle cutter - yes, the circle cutter - is actually a button maker's best friend. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="200"]ABMs adjustable circle cutter ABM's adjustable circle cutter[/caption] There are a couple of reasons why we throw this idea out there. First of all, while having a sturdy, easy-to-use button machine is extremely important, and while having enough of the right supplies is obviously a prerequisite for any button making project, you are going to be hard pressed to produce any significant number of well crafted circular buttons without an effective tool for creating perfectly circular graphics. Enter: the circle cutter. At American Button Machines, we actually have three different kinds of circle cutters that you can choose from: the adjustable circle cutter, the professional punch cutter, and the high volume die-cutting press. Each of these, depending on the specs of your project, can be the perfect tool to bring everything together and help you create buttons that show a keen attention to detail. The other reason why the circle cutter is so important is because it actually has uses outside of button making. That's right. It does. While we obviously encourage any serious button maker to purchase their own button machine, the truth is that while said machine (if it's from ABM!) will produce buttons better than anything else could, it is a one trick pony and makes only buttons. Similarly, when you purchase button supplies, they hold value only if you turn them into buttons. But a circle cutter, on the other hand, well it houses a world of possibilities inside and outside the realm of making buttons. You can use a circle cutter to cut out paper for an infinite amount of different craft types, making it perhaps the versatile and valuable piece of equipment that we sell at ABM. The only question now is, of course, what are you waiting for.

Get your circle cutter today!


P.S. If you don't know how easy circle cutters are to use, watch the video below: Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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